Wedding Dream Meaning

A wedding is a very common dream symbol, and this is seen by dreamers that are both married and single alike. In many cases dreaming of a wedding is quite literal, and a wedding may be in your future. In other cases however a wedding symbolizes a new beginning in your life. So you may find yourself ‘divorced’ from your current job and starting a new beginning with another one, or you may find yourself changing relationships in the very near future.

A wedding can also signify moving on to the next level, so you may be engaged very soon, or you may go from simply dating someone to being involved exclusively with them. If you are a participant at the wedding, then the new beginning will be for you. If you are a guest, you will be the one supporting someone else’s new beginning in the very near future. In many cases dreaming of a wedding implies that you will be making a very big decision in the near future, it does not always imply a romantic one, but this is often the case.

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