Woman Dream Meaning

A woman is silhouetted against a purple and pink sunset.

Similar Dreams: Man, Letter X, Baby

Dreaming of women is very common, and is archetypal according to dream expert, Carl Jung.

Dreaming about a woman often indicates the feminine aspects of yourself which are not being expressed fully or which you may be afraid to show to others.

The woman in a dream, whether you know her or not, represents the Yin, feminine quality of mankind and encourages you to find a balance between your feminine and masculine sides in waking life.

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Dreaming of a Familiar Female

If you dream about a female friend or family member then this indicates there are feminine aspects of her character that she needs to acknowledge in her waking life.

This friend or family member may subconsciously be calling out to you to help her embrace these qualities within.

Dreaming About a Woman You Don’t Know

If you dream of a woman that you do not know, you want to pay very close attention to the traits and qualities that are coming through. You may be projecting these traits onto someone else in your dream, but they could be traits that you have that would be very useful to you in your waking life. It is likely these traits are being repressed.

If you are male and you dream of a woman that you don’t know, this person could be a soul connection or twin soul that is trying to connect with you in dreams.

If a woman that you don’t know comes to you in a dream, it is likely this woman will play a role in your emotional life in the very near future.

This dream can also mean that you are not expressing your feminine qualities in your marriage and there may be a risk of emotional debilitation where you and your partner are not communicating at an emotional level.

Sometimes women that we do know that have passed on from this lifetime appear in our dreams. This is very similar to dreaming of spirits, and this is a soul from your past making a connection to you in dreams.

A woman in your dream could also be a mother figure and might represent issues with her own mother. What are the underlying feelings and additional details in the dream?

Dreaming of Multiple Women

If there are multiple women in a dream, the message is that multiple people are involved in a current situation and you will need to carefully consider all perspectives before you settle on a decision to stay in or leave from a particular situation in your life.

Dreaming About a Goddess

To dream about a goddess highlights a deep compassion that lies within you.

This type of dream calls you to embrace this side of yourself. Compassion is the height of both feminine and masculine energy. Dreaming of a goddess is a message from the divine to embrace this side of yourself.

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