Xerox Dream Meaning

There are many ways that the symbol of Xerox may appear in your dream. It may appear in the actual brand logo of the corporation known as Xerox, or the symbol may appear in the form of a photocopy or Xeroxed piece of paper. The brand Xerox became famous for inventing the machine that could duplicate copies of any sheet of paper that you wanted to. As such, the brand has even become a household term, to “Xerox” something, means to copy. So if any form of this symbol appears in your dream, the notion of copying is coming front and centre in the situation in question.

If you notice other people in your dream with the Xerox symbol, the message could be that one of those people is trying to mirror or copy you, and perhaps even take the credit for it. Alternatively it could be you that is trying to copy someone, and the message is to be yourself in order to reap rewards. If there is a spiritual element to your dream where the Xerox symbol appears, it could very well be that you are getting a message from your twin soul or mirror soul. The message could also be that this person may be about to enter your life if they have not already done so.

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