Xerox/Photocopier Dream Meaning

A person making a photocopy in an office.

Similar Dreams: X-Ray, Radio, Mirror, Office

There are many ways that the symbol of a photocopy machine may appear in your dream.

Due to the rise of the internet, photocopiers are used less frequently than they used to. This has caused the frequency of this dream symbol to fall out of the spotlight, just like the machine itself.

If you are dreaming about one and have never used one, this could be a confusing prospect. If you know photocopiers well, their familiarity might bring feelings of warmth and nostalgia.

Ties to Xerox

Commonly known by the name Xerox, you may see the machine with the actual brand logo of the corporation known as Xerox, or you may just see a photocopy.

This is because the brand Xerox became famous for inventing the machine, as such, the brand has even become a household term, to “Xerox” something, means to copy. So if any form of this symbol appears in your dream, the notion of copying is coming front and center in the situation in question.

Dreaming About Seeing Others Using A Photocopier

If you notice other people in your dream with the Xerox symbol, the message could be that one of those people is trying to mirror or copy you, and perhaps even take the credit for it.

If you feel that this has been happening in your real life, this will often manifest in your dreams as your brain acts out scenarios and tries to release the stress of having someone take your ideas. Lean into this opportunity.

Does this dream keep copying itself? Check out the meaning of recurring dreams.

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Dreaming About Using a Photocopier

Alternatively, if you are making photocopies, it could be you that is trying to copy someone, and the message is to be yourself in order to reap rewards.

Look at the setting of this dream and those around you to find a deeper meaning to this dream. If possible, always try to look at what you are photocopying, as this can also be a great indicator of what is being copied or stolen in the real world.

Look Out for Your Twin Flame

Look closely at the symbolism in this dream type, if there is a spiritual element to your dream it could very well be that you are getting a message from your twin soul, Twin Flame, or mirror soul.

If you see fire, candles, quote, or even a message printed on paper, take this as a sign.

Struggling with A Photocopier In A Dream

Using a photocopier always seems to be a bit of a struggle in real life, but when it occurs in our dreams it can bring a whole new meaning to “paper jammed.”

A broken, jammed, or malfunctioning photocopier indicates that you are on a path to burnout. This dream symbol indicates that you cannot keep producing copies or versions of your work at this rate anymore. You need to take some time for some self-maintenance and self-care to prevent further struggles in your waking life.

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