Xylophone Dream Meaning

A xylophone for many is a symbol of a childhood toy, or of music that is carefree and spirited. If you see a xylophone in your dream, this is a symbol of a carefree spirit about to enter your life. This may be a child-like energy that you take on that helps you to relax a little bit more, or the message may be to put more of this energy into your life. The message may also be literal in the sense that a child may enter your life, you may be pregnant or your partner may be about to become pregnant.

To many dream experts the xylophone represents inspiration, motivation, and a child like creative spirit. If there is someone else playing the xylophone in your dream, this person may represent this energy and be bringing some fun into your life. If you are playing the xylophone, you may already be looking for ways to add more fun in your life. You also may be looking for ways to turn your current creative passions into more ambitious developments. Alternatively the xylophone symbol could be telling you that your creative passions could be very lucrative if you channel your motivation wisely.

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