Yacht Dream Meaning

A yacht in the waking world is a symbol of many things, in many cases wealth and luxury. If you see a yacht in your dream the literal interpretation could simply be that you are literally dreaming of being rich. And there is nothing wrong with having these aspirations, pay attention to details in this dream that will indicate whether dreaming is enough. It likely isn’t, so you may be shown details in your dream that can help you get closer to making that yacht a reality.

Other things to look for when a yacht appears in your dream are, are you the owner or a guest? Who else is with you on the yacht? Is it full of fun loving people, or docked and looking lonely and unattended? Another consideration when you see a yacht in your dream is what is its current relationship to water? Water in itself is a very powerful dream symbol.

If the yacht in your dream is navigating water, you want to pay attention to what the water is doing. Is it turbulent and rocky? The yacht and your dreams may be on a rocky course. Is it calm and peaceful? Your dreams are in well working order. The more details you can recall from your dream with a yacht, the closer you are to having those dreams come true!

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