Yesterday Dream Meaning

A yard in our waking life is an external representation of our domestic life. We try to make ours as beautiful as possible, to show the outside world that we have a beautiful home life inside, as well. Even apartment dwellers bring the yard into their homes or onto their balconies in some way. When we see a yard in our dream, we are being pointed to issues that pertain to our domestic world. The message may be that all is not as it seems. Are there details in the yard in your dream that stand out? Is it even your yard, or is it someone elses? If the yard is cluttered and it does belong to you, there are issues in your domestic matters that you may need to clean up.

If the yard is cluttered and does not belong to you, you are being given the message that someone else’s life is not what it appears on the outside. Sometimes you may just be shown your yard in your dream to show you how you appear to the outside world. Your “yard” so to speak may appear to the outside much differently than you intend it to, so this information could be very useful to you. Some decluttering or some tidying or even some spiritual housekeeping may be all you need to get your yard in beautiful working order again. If the yard you see is yours and it is beautiful and without clutter, then the message may simply be that your hard work has paid off and your gardens are flourishing as a result.

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