Yule Log Dream Meaning

In the waking world a Yule log is a universal symbol of holiday cheer. It is most common during the Christmas and holiday season, which is a season for many that represents cheer and joy. If you see a Yule log in your dream, you could simply be having a day residue or a memory of a holiday event. Alternatively this could be an omen that represents good tidings of great joy coming your way in the near future. As the holidays symbolize for many both the birth of a miracle, and new beginnings, and new years, the symbol of a Yule log in your dream could suggest the same.

You may see your current situation change for the better in the near future. As Yule logs also are fueled by fire, you may also see a change for the better in your relationship or romantic situation. It is possible that the Yule log also represents a person who is one of the Fire Signs, Leo, Sagittarius, or Aries. If this is the case and you are single, you may soon partner up with someone who is one of the Fire Signs. You may also see an old flame appear in your life, or attempt to make contact in the near future.

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