Zebra Dream Meaning

A zebra in many cultures is a revered animal in the waking world. To many its black and white pattern represents harmony, balance, and unity. Should you see a zebra appear in your dream, you are being given the symbol of unity, balance, and harmony for a reason. It is possible that a zebra appearing in your dream means that your spirit animal is a zebra, or that one of your guides is a zebra. In this case the animal guide is appearing to tell you that peace and harmony are coming into your situation very soon.

This symbol is also one that embodies the notion “opposites attract”. If you see a zebra in your dream and are in a complicated relationship, the message may be that although you are opposites, you are still in perfect harmony together. A zebra that is running in your dream could be bearing the message that the relationship you are in right now is not creating perfect harmony. Finding a way to run or exit peacefully from this situation may be in your best interests. If this is the case be sure there are other details in the dream recall that can validate this for you.

As members of the horse family, zebras are extremely psychic. So if you see one in your dream, know that your powers of intuition are strong enough to accurately guide you. The message with zebra is always of harmony, whether you are leaving something to get closer to it, or staying right where you are. Follow the zebra as it will never be wrong when it comes to restoring unity and harmony in your life.

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