Zero Dream Meaning

If you see the number or the word zero in your dream, you can expect the situation that is also included in your dream to come full circle in the very near future. This often means an ending, but it also denotes a beginning and a cycle of completion. It is important to note and remember where the zero is in your dream, as where it is specifically located could indicate an emptiness or a void. You may see it located over your heart or even someone else’s for example.

At the same time, the zero is an infinite line that neither begins nor ends, so where it is placed could indicate eternity and completeness with another person. If the zeroes in your dream seem to be abundant and repetitive, the message may be that your current actions in the situation at hand are not leading anywhere, and you are just running around in circles. There is also a sense of timelessness with this number, and so you may find that a zero in a dream represents a portal to another level of consciousness, and even past life regression or time travel in the dream state.

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