Zipper Dream Meaning

A zipper is a very common dream symbol with a very standard interpretation across dream experts. In most cases a zipper in a dream is a symbol of intimacy, as it is usually used to open and close articles of closing. So if you see a zipper in a dream, it is interesting to note that it means your sex life has the potential to get a lot better. But why then is such a small detail being manifested in such a big way in your dream? What are the issues with this particular intimate experience that you need to explore or look at in closer detail.

While the zipper represents intimacy, we all know that what the zipper reveals is so much more interesting. Seeing a zipper in a dream then could suggest that you have intimacy issues, or are not being real enough in your intimate encounters. Alternatively it could suggest that you are being extremely open, perhaps even too much so. Be sure you are getting the proper balance of giving and receiving in your intimate experiences when you see a zipper appear in your dream. If the zipper is broken or stuck, you may be experiencing some blocks in your emotional or intimate affairs, and will need to examine root issues more closely. You can never unblock a zipper until you take care of the thing that is keeping it stuck.

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