Zodiac Dream Meaning

It is not at all uncommon to dream of the zodiac, as it has become a part of our everyday vernacular. In fact it is so popular because it is based on psychological principles. It was Carl Jung’s dream symbols that became archetypes that developed the zodiac system, so archetypes in your personality, in the zodiac, and in your dreams, are of course all interconnected. If you see a generic zodiac symbol in your dream the message could simply be that astrology and the world of the zodiac is becoming more interesting to you.

You may be on a course to understand it better, or it simply may be making more sense to you. The message may also be that it is a good idea to have your astrological chart done, as this may help give you clarity on a specific situation in your life. If you are dreaming of a very specific zodiac symbol that relates to one of the zodiac signs, then someone in your life with that sign will be significant to you regarding the situation that the dream is dealing with. If you don’t know anyone that is that zodiac sign you are seeing in your dream, then you will likely meet someone of that sign in the near future.

Other things to pay attention to if you see the zodiac in your dream are symbols of the elements, such as fire, water, earth, and air. If you see any of these elements in your dream of the zodiac, then these combined zodiac signs and elements will also have a deeper significance. The symbol of the zodiac in your dream can also be symbolic of your various layers of consciousness, and how they are connecting you with the universe. A zodiac dream can be another time passage dream, so if you dream of the zodiac and see others you have never met before, this could be a past life regression dream.

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