Zoo Dream Meaning

If the symbol of the zoo appears in your dream there are a number of potential interpretations. In some cases this might be a literal symbol from a day residue if you have recently visited a zoo. In this case your mind is simply revisiting this lovely memory in your sleep. If there is negative feelings associated with your dream symbol of the zoo, then it could be that you are experiencing a loss of freedom in some area of your life. Are you feeling caged in and as if you have no freedom or range of movement? Or are you the one visiting the zoo? Is someone around you feeling controlled and monitored? You may need to revisit how you are handling some key relationships. Are you alone when you experience the zoo and feeling wonderful?

You could be in the midst of some spirit animals and are feeling the sense of calm and peace that comes with being surrounded by unconditional love. If there are animals escaping from the zoo in your dream, this could represent things that you feel are getting away from you in your waking life. You may be feeling like you are losing control of something, or like something is going to come out in a “cat out of the bag” kind of way. See how much of the dream you can remember in this case and follow it through to the end. If it is a happy ending you experience then know that you are getting the message that letting things go is a part of life, and in this case may be just what you need to experience the success you have been hoping and dreaming for.

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