Gemstones and Crystals

Crystals Crystals range in price from the very inexpensive and readily available, to the very expensive and rare. Look in any metaphysical store or lapidary shop online or elsewhere and you’ll see what I mean! These stones are available in rough form, or polished, or carved into figures such as animals or angels and more. Whether you prefer to work with a raw and natural stone or one that has been shaped into a form that resonates with you is entirely a matter of personal taste.

If you have a set of reiki stones, then you’ve also got a divination tool! You might not want to use the same set of stones for healing as you do for doing readings, but again, it’s up to you and what feels right. The colors of your reiki stones have more than just a healing property, and they resonate with more than chakra energies. They also have divination meanings. Pulling a stone out of the bag will tell you what chakra you need to focus on, sure, but it will tell you much more than that if you start to work with it for forecasting and interpretation.

Many other stones and colors can be used in healing and divination. I know someone who reads the crystals, and she has a bowl of over 400 of them. She talks with her client, and gets them to pick stones, one at a time, from the bowl and place them on the table. The order in which the stones are picked and the position that they are placed tell as much of a story as the actual meaning of the stones themselves. It’s a wonderful process to watch!

Stones permeate your life in many ways, from the stones in your driveway to the gems in your jewelry to the quartz in your watch. Everything is interconnected and it all means something. When you start talking with the stones, you open yourself up to hearing messages from the natural world, and from creation itself. Some of these rocks are hundreds of thousands of years old; what have they come to teach you? Crystal divination and crystal healing are inseparable. You just need to quieten your mind and open your heart, and take that first step.

What Each Crystal Means

Just like we have different gemstones for different occasions to mark the hallmark moments of our life, so too are there different crystals with different purposes to aid us in our spirituality and quest for an abundant and healthy life. It would be unusual to present a black onyx for an engagement, just as it would be unusual to provide a diamond at a funeral. The notion of every different stone on the planet having a different meaning has been set in time for centuries.

Today, crystals (also known as gemstones and healing stones) are known to carry energy fields that can be present for hundreds of years after they are mined from their quarry. We can use that energy for different functions in our lives. Some crystals give us a psychic boost, others heal our hearts or help us awaken our dream lives, and others can help us to attract wealth, money, and even love. Some crystals can even help you to ward off the heeby-jeebies from that creeper at the party you got dragged to! There is no limit to these energy fields, which is why crystal healing is so popular today.

Here's what each of the most popular crystals means, and how you can use them to begin improving your life today!

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