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For the Week of: May 27 - June 02

May 27, 2019 - The little details in life and your work life are a significant focus for you this week, Capricorn. Your sixth house of health and details is being touched in many transits. You also have an intense transit coming your way in your relationship sector with some Pluto energy that is arriving this week. And, this week you want to tie up some loose ends as you prepare for a New Moon week early in the week that follows this one. Get ready for some change!

The week starts off on a loving note as the Pisces Moon works your third house of communication on Monday. You are feeling the love in every conversation. And if you aren't, lead with love to see magic sparkling on all of your affairs.

Come Tuesday, the Aries Moon picks up the energy level a little bit and this time in your fourth house of foundations. You are ready to make some big moves on the family front. You have this energy through Thursday.

By Wednesday, communicator Mercury and Neptune square off in your sixth house of health and details. This sends some news about work or health that could be a little bit confusing. Some of it may downright be an illusion, and if it doesn't feel right, it's not just in your head. Neptune is clouding up some facts and vital information, but this cloud too shall pass. Just, not until later in the week.

Come Thursday, Neptune is on the scene again but this time in a favorable link with Venus in your fifth house of love. Confusions and delays are rampant on Thursday, and again this could happen in love. Jus task for clarity and Venus helps you to attract some wonderful opportunities.

By Sunday, lover Venus is still working some change energy for you when she works with Pluto favorably in your fifth house of pleasures. A big romantic change is upon you! Tear down some walls, be a little more open, and you see some big love arriving.

It's a wonderful way to wrap up the week as you head into a New Moon week. Look for those little things to give and receive pleasure with. Have a blessed week, Capricorn!

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