Capricorn Capricorn Weekly Horoscope

For the Week of: March 18 - March 24

Mar 18, 2019 - Happy Spring, Capricorn! It’s an exciting week to be a Capricorn! You’ve got some gorgeous energy happening in both your work and your love houses this week, Capricorn, and the changes that happen this week have the potential to have a positive impact in your life for some time to come. A Full Moon event occurring in your work house is going to create a big change on the career front. And Spring arrives to reboot some fresh energy into your home life.

The week starts off on an exciting note for you with the Leo Moon working in your eighth house of shared resources. You’ll feel impassioned and creative when working with a partner, and don’t be afraid to open up a little. Exciting things could happen!

Home and family matters or matters related to a parent are going to come into focus for the next little while, Capricorn. This is a heavy week related to those issues. This starts on Wednesday when Sun enters Aries in your fourth house of roots and foundations, giving you energy to focus on the home for a few weeks. This is a wonderful period for putting your house up for sale, or looking for a new place, or launching a home renovation.

If your domestic or family routine has been in a bit of a rut lately, the Sun enters Aries on Wednesday and in your fourth house of roots and foundations, and this is going to energize you with all of your home pursuits. This transit and all pending Aries transits will touch your fourth house of roots. So if you have been thinking about working out from home a little bit more, this is a wonderful week to begin looking into this a little bit more. But it’s also a good time to plan more healthy menus for the family as well.

Come Thursday, your mind and your heart are going to be on the home front when Venus and Jupiter form a happy sextile in your money house. There could be a happy windfall! It could involve some kind of money bonus. Or a spending spree. It's also the kind of energy you find when you have been shopping around for a big ticket item and find it at half price. It's not always a permanent win, but you walk away feeling like you got a big bonus one way or another. In any event, you are feeling pretty lucky generally speaking for the day.

Remember that you are in the Full Moon zone at this point of the week as well, so decisions will be big ones, and liberating ones as well as you work to close chapters and bring some issues to fulfillment.

Thursday's Full Moon in Libra working your tenth house of career destiny and public image. A work project or issue could come to a close, or you may find yourself in a position where you are well admired, or even perhaps working with some famous people. It’s exciting! And as every chapter closes new and exciting ones begin.

Work could be on your mind over the next few weeks, but romance likely will be as well. Get ready for some good times, Capricorn! Expect to have a lot of fun in the coming weeks. Don’t over think it. Just put yourself out there. Whether you are single or attached, romance is heavily on the docket for you in the coming weeks. It’s a fabulous way to end an exhilarating week. Make those Full Moon wishes count this week, Capricorn! Have a blessed week, Capricorn!

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