libra Sex Horoscope:

Nov 22, 2020 - You’re going to be extremely busy for the next month, Libra, so if you really want to get in some bedroom sports you’ll need to set aside time to hit the gym, or at least work out in the safety of your own apartment.

The primal Sun is blasting into Sagittarius and your sociable 3rd House of local communities and communications, so don’t be surprised if your calendar is suddenly completely blacked out with one appointment after another and more coffee dates than you can shake a chai latte at. This isn’t to say you won’t find time for a romantic rendezvous or two, but that you’ll probably be so distracted at times that sex is the last thing on your mind.

Fortunately your sign knows how to appreciate both sides of life, so even if you’re completely booked up with coffee dates and business meetings (even if they are just on Zoom) you’ll still find time to stop and smell the roses and perhaps indulge in a few more pleasurable activities along the way.

Nov 23, 2020 - Try and just do you today, Libra, because that’s exactly where the planets are orienting your focus. Messenger Mercury and dreamy Neptune are meeting up for a very special alignment, and this time they will be coming together across your grounded 2nd House of money and your foundational 6th House of work and routine.

These sectors are all about efficiency and streamlining your life, so bringing this extremely hazy energy into said arena can feel a little confusing. Are you supposed to go out for a jog, do some yoga, or just veg out on the couch?

Well, since the romantic and sexual sectors of your chart aren’t lit up at the moment it probably will be something along those former examples rather than any bedroom Olympics. Treat yourself with a little extra care today and don’t push yourself into anything you don’t truly desire; you’ll be back to your old romancing ways soon enough.

Nov 24, 2020 - The Moon is spending the day in Aries and your 7th House of one-on-one relationships and marriages.

La Luna will be hanging out in this romantic sector for the next two and a half days, but don’t be surprised if the day starts off with a few miscommunications between you and a lover that leave you feeling a little unsettled. Perhaps an offhanded comment touches you more than you’d expect, or you pick a fight over the breakfast table before either of you are out the door.

Whatever it is won’t signal the end of the relationship and there’s no reason to blow up at the other person–or have them blow up at you–because this transit is quick and temporary and though it might leave you a little raw in the AM by the time the afternoon rolls around you’ll be feeling back up to snuff and ready to make up and make out.

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