libra Sex Horoscope:

Feb 28, 2021 - Careful about how much of yourself you’re willing to give away to someone else, Libra. Out of the entire zodiac you are the most likely to double up for pleasure and see where the wind carries the two of you, but sometimes you’re a little too eager to jump into a new partnership and unfortunately that can come with consequences if you leap before you look.

Today the Moon is spending the day in your sign, channeling her cosmic energy directly through you; this is normally an expressive and healing time, but early this morning she’ll receive a complicated and checking beam from wounded warrior Chiron in Aries that might leave you feeling like a partner has left you out in the cold.

Perhaps an argument ruins the morning for both of you, or a misunderstanding leaves you stewing and unfulfilled; fear not, this transit is only temporary and should be gone by the end of the day and you’ll be back to crafting cosmic relationships in no time.

Mar 01, 2021 - This could be one of the loveliest days you’ve had in some time, Libra, so do your best not to waste the bountiful energy overhead because that would be a real shame. It may indeed be Monday but messenger Mercury recently turned direct in Aquarius and your 5th House of passion and romance so work is hardly your number one priority for the time being.

Couple this energy with the fact that throughout the day the Moon will be reaching out across the sky from your sign and your 1st House of self-expression and action to form a harmonious trine with the cosmic communicator, linking these fabulous energies together for a day of pleasure and fun.

Call up someone special and see if they’d like to join you for an evening of freewheeling fun that winds up at Chez Libra; chances are they won’t be able to turn you down.

Mar 02, 2021 - Your mind is going to be in a lot of different places today, Libra, and while on the outside the forecast might not look very sensual don’t write anything off just yet.

Romantic Venus and the intuitive Moon are coming together in your grounded 2nd House of finances and your 6th House of work for their bi-monthly meet up and today definitely doesn’t read like a romance novel at first, but hold up. Venus and la Luna are a super powerful combo, so even if they are merged in your money and work zones that doesn’t mean romance is dead; you could find yourself attracted to someone far more stable than usual, so open your mind and maybe your pants if you feel like it.

Something tells me that under today’s stars nearly anything is possible, so don’t write off a good thing because it looks a little less than exciting. I’m sure it will turn out to be just that indeed.

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