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January 21 - January 27

Jan 21, 2019 - It's a week of transformations for you, Sagittarius, and this is wonderful energy for you to apply to your healthy living! This is a great week for you to really think about what is not working in your life, and focus on what is working in your life. Universe has a lot of surprises for you this week that will entirely change the way you view your big picture. This is not a bad thing, you will learn lessons this week that will help you to really finalize some of your biggest goals, and also help you to apply the action that you need to realize those goals.

On Monday, the Full Moon eclipse is working your ninth house of grand visions and big picture matters, this will bear a change on how you view a global or long-term perspective. This change could also impact your travel matters, or a matter from abroad. But this change could also simply change the way you look at your five or ten-year plan.

Maintaining a healthier lifestyle will be important to that five or 10-year plan, or there's no point even making a five or 10-year plan if you are not functioning at your highest and best self. So if there's a health change that you need to make right now, Sagittarius, and you know what that is, then Monday to Wednesday is a great time to really solidify those ideas. Don't just think and dream about them, create an action plan for these changes.

By Thursday, you have communicator Mercury entering Aquarius and your third house of communication. It's going to launch a time where research is favored. If you need a little bit of help and solidifying some of these big picture goals of yours, the planets in Aquarius that are working your communication house right now are really going to help you.

Consult with third parties if you need a little bit of help creating a healthy menu plan. Communicate to others or research ways that you can make your healthy big picture goals financially realistic. But you also need to come up with the plan that you will stick with.

With planets collecting in Aquarius right now and working your house of communication, you have communication as a superpower to really turn your big picture health goals into something that is concrete and actionable. This energy is a wonderful way to wrap up the week, and is also available to you for several weeks. Use it wisely! To your health this week, Sagittarius!

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