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For the Month of: September 2021

At the end of July, your ruling planet Jupiter has slowly made its way back in Aquarius where it has been for most of 2021. Now with over a month of Jupiter being back in Aquarius, you may be getting back into a very familiar groove and routine. The planet Jupiter expands whatever it touches, and while it is in Aquarius, it is focused on progressive change of all people. Make certain that whatever routine you find yourself in that you do not get complacent or comfortable. The because greatest growth can come from moments of the greatest discomfort. Continue to work hard and stay bold for whatever causes you are passionate about it, and the hard work will pay off.

Speaking of passion, on September the 10th, Venus, the planet of love and sensuality, will be moving into Scorpio. Scorpio is a sign of depth and intimacy. You may feel the energies heat up with a special someone as you deepen your bond together. Do not rush through this stage. Enjoy it and savor it, allowing for every moment to be sweeter than the next. If you are not in a relationship, remember intimacy can come in many forms. One of which can be in meaningful conversation with those you trust. It can also come from time with yourself. Venus in Scorpio would be a magnificent time to give yourself some needed self-love. Write out all your favorite qualities and spend some time alone doing things that you enjoy doing. Read a book you love, watch a movie that makes you smile, sing your favorite songs at the top of your lungs. Make this transit special for you too, because you deserve it!

On the 18th, the Moon will make a conjunction with Jupiter. During conjunctions, the energies of the two planets blend and can cause several different outcomes. You should pay attention to check in on your feelings this day. The Moon deals with our emotions, and as mentioned above, Jupiter expands. This conjunction could have you feeling very emotional or sensitive, so whatever the case may be, use your head to determine if you might be overreacting or not.

On the 20th, there is a Full Moon in Pisces. Pisces’ Full Moons can leave everyone in a dreamy state of mind. Pisces is creative and intuitive, but also, deep and wise. Similarly, the planet Jupiter finds itself comfortable discussing ideas of philosophy. Allow for this Full Moon to expand your thinking in order to move beyond any limiting beliefs you might have about Universe or creation. Let this Full Moon bring you a new hope that you can carry with you throughout 2021. If you are a Sagittarius Rising, Pisces rules your fourth house of home and family. The Full Moon may also bring a conclusion to something you’ve been working through with these matters, so whatever it illuminates for you, dear Sagittarius, do not suppress it but rather embrace the enlightenment it brings. 

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