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For the Month of: June 2021

June - Sagittarius is ruled by Jupiter, and ever since May 13th, the collective has been experiencing a very different Jupiter than we have had for the majority of 2021. Jupiter has been in Aquarius since the end of 2020. Jupiter is the planet of expansion and fortune. Aquarius is a sign traditionally ruled by Saturn. Since Jupiter has been hanging out in Aquarius, the expression of Jupiter has been more subdued. When Jupiter enters into Pisces, there is no more restraint, and like taking your “work clothes” off after a long day, Jupiter is also experiencing this sense of relief and movement. However, just like too many rules isn’t healthy, too few rules aren’t either. Jupiter in Pisces tends to overindulge in a self-medicating way. Being that Jupiter is the ruling planet of Sagittarius, you will need to fight this temptation to check out. The important thing to note is that we will only be getting a taste of Jupiter in Pisces. The giant celestial body will retrograde back into Aquarius at the end of July. June is an important month to take note of these shifting energies because Jupiter will be back in Pisces at the very end of this year. Knowing how the transit will affect you will only serve to help in the future. This transit can be extremely inspiring if you are staying present and mindful.

On June 22nd, Mercury goes direct in Gemini. Mercury has been in retrograde since the middle of May. Retrogrades tend to scare people more than is necessary, but all retrogrades are is a time to reflect and revise. This is happening for the Sagittarius Rising in your seventh house of partnerships. Before Mercury does direct, it would behoove you to consider your current relationships. Is there something that you need more of from those around you? Is there a way to take the partnership to a deeper level? This may not only occur in romantic relationships, but it can also represent business partnerships. Make extra certain that if you have to sign anything during Mercury retrograde, you triple-check the wording and review thoroughly.  

Another important transit to recognize that is also happening in Gemini this month is the Solar eclipse on the 10th. Not only will you be reevaluating relationships, but there may also be a change in the current status of one. Eclipses bring change, and it is always for the best. Take note of what happens on or around this date. Regardless of what occurs, be mindful of your words. Gemini is a chatty sign, so with the eclipse happening there, make sure you’re not saying anything you may regret later, and if you do say anything, make extra certain it is with someone you trust. 

The Moon will be in Pisces by the end of the month, right on top of your ruling planet, Jupiter. This type of aspect is called a conjunction, and it is occurring on June 28th. While the Moon is dancing with Jupiter, allow for yourself to feel into your emotions. A good cry, or laugh, is sometimes exactly what the doctor ordered. 

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