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For the Month of: June 2022

June - June kicks off with the Sun in Gemini traveling through your house of relationships and legal contracts. Last month you found yourself sandwiched between eclipses and retrogrades. This month predicts more retrogrades and a significant transformation that allows you to reach an important milestone.

The last three weeks threw some minor kinks into your schedule; now, with Mercury stationing direct in your wellness sector, you can expect to leap forward. Mercury reenters Gemini later this month in your house of relationships, and it’s important to share your truth with others.

There’s a need to reorganize your thought process and communication skills when Saturn stations retrograde on June 4th through October 23rd. This transit marks a period where you learn to restructure your time to become more efficient in your daily life. Communication is critical, So listen before responding. You may find it challenging to settle down and find a middle ground; engage yourself in activities that will calm a restless mind.

You’ll need to replenish yourself by grounding in nature when Venus and Uranus conjunct in your productive sixth house. Avoid letting financial risks get in the way of personal progress. During this transit, you can find pleasure by connecting with animals, creative endeavors, exercising, and nature.

On the 14th, the Full Moon activates your sign, and you are fully ready to let go of anything in your life that isn’t authentic. Full Moons are the magical culmination of energies in the Lunar cycle—a time of emotional intensities, revelations, reflection, and breakthroughs.

A Full Moon activating your house of self can be helpful to regain renewed energy, vitality, confidence, and strength. In addition, it represents a dynamic cosmic opportunity for the shedding of old skin. When dealing with the intensity, think of more ways to bring balance into your life.

Venus conjuncts the North Node the following day, while Mars conjuncts Chiron in your expressive fifth house. You may be hypersensitive to how others receive your opinions. Yet, the song of your Soul is ready to be heard in the universe. So, be genuine and allow your spirit to fly. 

The stars are busy when Cancer season officially begins on the 21st, welcoming the Summer Solstice. Your intimate eighth house of death, sex, transformation, and rebirth is buzzing with vibrancy. Use this season to settle debts and renew commitments. Invest in things that are worth your time.

Venus strengthens your house of relationships and contracts when entering Gemini on the 22nd. Under this influence, you are so charming and hard to miss, proving an excellent time to bring harmony, balance, and playfulness into relationships.

Finally, the month ends with Neptune retrograding through your family sector. This retrograde focuses on forgiveness and releasing emotional cords or unconscious ties that are karmic. Again, comfort and security will be important themes.

Later that day, the New Moon in Cancer activates your eighth house, heralding a time of deep introspection and emotional cleansing. Secrets are bound to come out this New Moon. So, it’s time, to be honest with yourself about your relationships with sex, money, and intimacy.

June energy tip, learn to look at where you may be 
holding yourself back or blocking the flow of love.

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