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Jan 16, 2022 - The Moon is in Cancer today and in your 11th house, but it is also squaring Chiron in your 8th house. This is asking you to contemplate on the connection between experiencing a sense of friendship in your partnership and being able to move past your fears and worries about your intimate partnerships. When you have trust in your partner and experience them as someone who you can share all the "darker" parts of yourself, it allows you to have a level of closeness that wouldn't be possible otherwise. Viewing your lover as someone that you have a reciprocal relationship with, where both parties are giving and receiving mutually, results in having a deep and lasting friendship within your romantic partnership.

Jan 17, 2022 - Do you feel like you and your partner have a sense of friendship within your relationship? It's important that you have that be a foundation for your connection. 

The Full Moon is in Cancer and in your 11th house and it is asking you to reflect on that. So often that is what forms the basis of a healthy and long-lasting relationship as it deeply matters that you have mental resonance with your lover as well as an emotional one. 

Ask yourself how you can develop more of that within your relationship. Maybe it would be helpful to find activities that both you and your partner are interested in and go do them together! 

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