Pendulum power can be used for

  • contacting spirits
  • answering questions
  • determining where to place furniture or bed a plant
  • choosing what to eat
  • finding weak spots in your energy

Pendulums are an asset when making daily decisions. They bring you a glimpse of other people’s viewpoints, and help you to strengthen your connection with your guides. They’ll also allow you to understand yourself much more deeply. Pendulums are small, discreet, and you don’t have to be some kind of elder or sage to use one. It will talk to you as soon as you start to talk to it! You do have to take it seriously, though, and learn the way in which it communicates.

At Astrology Answers we recommend you use a chakra pendulum. Why? Well the color sequence is balanced, and the quartz tip is receptive. The overall stone is green, the color of the heart chakra, so it’s gentle and non-judgmental. The colors in the pendulum mirror the colors of your energy centers, your chakras, that run up and down your spine. When those are out of whack, you’re going to be off balance. A pendulum helps you to identify that imbalance and bring it back into alignment.

If you use tarot or runes or crystals, the pendulum will pick them for you! You just hold it firmly over the cards or stones, and wait until it stops swinging. That’s the one to pick! It’s a bit more complicated to use the pendie for palmistry, because it’s often hard to hold both hands steady! One way is to use a photograph of your hand, or a chart that illustrates the different lines and mounds. Where the pendulum points is where your focus falls. Hold your pendulum over an illustration of your chakras to determine which one needs tuning.

Your pendulum isn’t limited to healing or divination though. It has the potential to be a wonderful advisor for more mundane things in your life. Hold it over a map when looking to move houses or change jobs. Dangle it over a menu to decide what to order. Suspend it over your calendar when determining the right dates for appointments. You might even use it over photographs of potential partners, to see if they’re going to be worth your time! The list is absolutely endless!

While these are the more popular forms of divination—astrology, tarot, numerology, palmistry, runes, crystals, and pendulums—this is by no means a complete list. There are the ogham sticks which are rooted in Celtic traditions, the bones used by the ancient Africans, the Chinese book of changes (also called the i-ching), bibliomancy, and more. Some of these are easy to learn and even easier to use. Others are more involved. What’s absolutely certain is that there is a divination tool out there for every would be seer. What’s your favorite method of peeking into the unknown, and why do you resonate with it?

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