No introduction to divination would be complete without looking at dowsing, and in particular, pendulums. Looking for things with a pendulum is called dowsing, and people dowse for many different things. Have you ever seen someone using a forked stick, or two L-shaped metal rods looking for water? That’s dowsing. You could use a pendulum for that, too, and so much more!

Pendulum power can be used for

  • Contacting Spirits
  • Answering Questions
  • Determining design/layout of physical spaces
  • Choosing what to eat
  • Finding blockages and weak spots in the body’s energy centres

Pendulums can be an asset when making daily decisions. They can allow you a glimpse of other people’s viewpoints and help to strengthen your connection with your spirit guides. They’ll also enable you to understand yourself more deeply.

Pendulums are small, discreet, and you don’t have to be an elder or a sage to use one. It will talk to you as soon as you start to talk to it! You do have to take it seriously, though, and learn the ways in which it communicates.

At Astrology Answers, we recommend you use a chakra pendulum . Why? Well, the colour sequence is balanced, and the quartz tip is receptive. The colours in the pendulum mirror the colours of your 7 main energy centers,called your chakras , that begin at the base of your spine and run up to the very top of your head. When any of your chakras are blocked, energy will not flow properly in your body, leaving you feeling unbalanced. Pendulums are often used to identify chakra blocks and imbalances so that healing can begin. Pendulums can be dangled directly above the body’s chakras or even above an illustration of the body’s chakras to locate blocks.

Pendulums are not limited to healing or divination though. They can be wonderful advisors for more mundane things in your life, being especially helpful for those who struggle with indecisiveness! Hold it over a map when looking to move houses or plan a vacation. Dangle it over a menu to decide what to order. Suspend it over your calendar when determining the right dates for appointments. You might even use it over photographs of potential partners to see if they’re going to be worth your time! The list is absolutely endless!

How to Use a Pendulum:

Find a comfortable, stable place to sit down, preferably with a table in front of you. You’ll need to make sure your body can relax into a natural stillness in order for the pendulum to be able to react to the micro-movements of your subconscious’ influence on your nerves. The quieter and more secluded the environment, the better, as you want to minimize interruptions.

Next, place your elbow on the table and hold the end of the pendulum’s string between your thumb and index finger with only enough pressure to ensure you do not drop the pendulum. You can further steady yourself by holding your elbow in place with your other hand. The pendulum should dangle about 1 or 2 inches above the table so it can move freely.

Pendulums have a limited range of movement, so you’ll need to be perceptive to small movements. Pendulums can move towards and away from you, left and right, and in circles clockwise and counterclockwise. Before you begin using the pendulum, you’ll need to “calibrate” the pendulum, assigning specific movements to YES and NO.

Let the pendulum become completely still as it dangles from your fingers. Then, begin to generate questions, either out loud or in your mind, to which the answer is YES. Questions like:

  • Am I alive?
  • Is an apple a fruit?
  • Is it (the current month/year)?
  • What does a YES look like?

Watch carefully and ask multiple questions until you notice a pattern in the pendulum’s movements. Repeat the same process for a NO response and a NEUTRAL response. Be clear and patient, especially if you’re a beginner. Sometimes it helps to focus on an intention during this process as well.

Once you’ve calibrated your pendulum, you can start to pose yes or no questions to it. Remember that all pendulums will react differently from each other; even the same pendulum can behave differently from one day to the next. Be open and receptive to this, as your body is also behaving a little differently than it did yesterday.

Like anything else, the pendulum is a tool that requires diligent practice and time. Some people work to develop an active relationship with their pendulum, carrying it around with them wherever they go and even giving it a name. The more in tune with you and your body your pendulum is, the more sensitive it will be to communications from your subconscious and spirit guides.

However you decide to use your pendulum, the most important thing is to remain patient, open, and honest with yourself.

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