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This daily card will give you insight on what to expect today in general, enabling you to take advantage of the assets and dodge the downfalls. What better way to start your day than to get a glimpse at the cosmic vibe?

The Tower

The Tower

The Tower


It is very easy to feel a little chilled when The Tower arrives in your Tarot reading. It is a dark and scary looking card. We see a building being struck by lightning, its inhabitants being tossed to the ground. The Tower is aligned with the planet Uranus, who sends truths our way that often shock or alarm us. In the worst case scenarios, these truths change everything and we feel like the rug has been pulled out from under us. These truths can also change our lives, and that is the message of The Tower.

Tower events can often symbolize things happening at home, a relocation after a fight, a breakup, or a major disruptive problem with a roommate. A secret could be exposed. Or, you may simply be in a pattern of illusions in a job or relationship and are awakened to realities. If The Tower represents feelings, you may be feeling particularly let down by somebody or something. Old traumas may be coming up in your life under The Tower's influence.

The answer to your question when The Tower appears is often one of awakening and truth. The good news is that this crisis will not last forever and your new awakening is just around the corner.


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