Virgo Woman: Traits, Love, and More

Astrology dice showing the symbols for Virgo woman on an astrology chart.

If a person who always goes that extra mile to make things perfect is something that you like, then a Virgo woman may be exactly what you need as a friend, a lover or a colleague. The Virgo female is a person who is always thinking, always analyzing the details and always looking to improve on things, no matter how big or small they are in the big picture.

The Virgo woman doesn’t necessarily differentiate based on how important things are, as everything is important to her. The Virgo woman’s traits can be captivating, but they can also be difficult to manage depending on your own perspective.

What you see is what you get with a Virgo female. A Virgo woman’s characteristics all but prevent her from playing games, from saying one thing while thinking or feeling another or from being someone that she isn’t in any setting. That’s reassuring to those who know her, but it can also be difficult for her to adapt to different situations that may force her outside of her comfort zone.

Astrology Answers is here to provide you with a look at the Virgo woman’s personality, how that personality plays out in different parts of life and what you can expect if you know her. We can also provide you a full analysis of the Virgo Zodiac sign if you want to move in that direction.

The Virgo Woman's Personality – No Conflicts Visible

A Virgo female is generally someone who is going to get along with others. She is quiet, respectful and not one to go looking for conflict. She may even demur if a conflict arises, as she isn’t interested in winning a battle that she likely sees as meaningless.

The Virgo personality in a female is a lot like what you may find in a Virgo man, in that she’s much more interested in perfecting herself than she is about getting a leg up on anyone else.

However, don’t let that quiet and respectful nature fool you. The Virgo characteristics in a female also mean that she’s very strong on the inside, even though she doesn’t show it outwardly. She may demur in a conflict, but she’s not going to back down if she thinks she needs to stand up for herself in an important matter.

Her perfectionist nature can be a strong positive, but it can also be something that drags her down into the pit of details that can distract her and be off-putting for those who don’t look at the world in the same way. Virgo woman negative traits, for lack of a better term, are outweighed by the fact that she is caring, kind and calm.

Dating a Virgo Woman – Enjoy the Charm

If you’re starting to date a Virgo woman, you’re in for a positive experience for the most part. She is going to be very charming, polite, kind, thoughtful and respectful. She will always make sure that you feel important, and she’s going to listen to what you have to say.

She’s also going to take things slowly, as the Virgo personality in a female is one where she’s not going to jump into anything without first taking the time to evaluate all the variables that she sees as relevant. This may seem like she’s not that interested at first, but what she’s actually doing is carefully evaluating things. She’s not even on that first date with you if she doesn’t think that there’s a real possibility of something more there.

If you progress to the point of a relationship, the Virgo female is going to make you feel loved and special. Dating a Virgo woman means that you won’t have to worry about the details for the most part, as she will take care of that. However, you will need to keep some thins in mind if you want the relationship to succeed.

You should always give the Virgo woman plenty of notice for a date, and you should always follow through with those plans and be punctual. If you’re wondering whether or not you’re a good fit for a Virgo female, take a look at our Zodiac love compatibility chart for a reference point.

The Virgo Female at Home – Married and Family Life

Based on a Virgo woman’s characteristics, there are few if any decisions in life more important than whether or not to get married. If you’re going to marry a Virgo woman, then you should know that if she’s accepted your proposal, she’s run through a lot of different variables and measurements before she agreed. She needs her life to be in order from her perspective before she even thinks about taking such a step.

Once you’re married, the Virgo personality in a female will be one where she’s extremely supportive of you and the marriage, but every now and then she’ll want her decisions to win out, as she is always thinking and always analyzing every minute detail in every situation. She may assume that you’re not exercising that level of due diligence.

In terms of being a mother, few if any people are going to exercise more care and oversight than a Virgo female. She’s going to pore over every detail of motherhood, leaving no stone unturned and no task undone. That extreme attention to detail means that the children will always be clean, well-fed and that they will follow a very strict and sound routine.

It also means that the Virgo woman can eventually be seen as overbearing to an extent by the children, so those who need to be left alone may not deal all that well with the doting Virgo female as a mother. Overall, though, the Virgo woman is never going to stop pushing herself to be the best possible mother she can be.

The Virgo Woman as a Friend – You'll Feel Important

The natural aspect of a Virgo woman’s personality is such that if she’s your friend, you have a great companion. She’s going to care about you, she’s going to pay attention to you and she’s going to do whatever it takes to help you through whatever situation you’re facing. She is kind, respectful and she will take the time to analyze any questions or challenges you have in the same way as she would for her own life.

The Virgo woman as a friend is also sensitive and very sweet, so don’t be surprised if you find little surprises every now and then that brighten your day and make you feel like the special person she sees in you.

Conversely, you need to be fully committed to a friendship with a Virgo woman. She expects nothing but the best of herself, and she’s constantly thinking about how to improve. She also expects that from you, as she chooses her friends very carefully. If you’ve been invited into her circle, that decision didn’t come lightly. Instead, she spent a lot of time considering your worthiness.

Given that context, you should not let her down or make her feel like an afterthought. She won’t tolerate that, even though things are never really all about the Virgo woman. If her friendship is important to you, you’ll have a loyal and lifelong friend.

The Virgo Woman – Careers and Finances

The more details a Virgo woman has to digest and analyze, the happier she’s going to be in her working life. She loves to plan, to organize and to ponder things so that she can make them better both for herself and for others.

Given these Virgo characteristics in a female, this is a person who is going to do quite well in professions such as accounting, engineering, veterinary medicine and the like. Her caring nature is also going to make her a good teacher. However, things will not go well if you put a Virgo woman in a role where things can constantly change without notice, as they like everything to be in order and proper.

When it comes to money, a Virgo woman’s personality will be that of a miser. She’s not necessarily cheap, but her first instinct with money is to put it away for the future. She’s not going to run out and go on a random spending spree. Every dollar is planned and accounted for carefully.

This makes her dependable and solid as a spouse, a friend or a working partner, as you won’t have to worry about dealing with any curveballs that you have to deal with suddenly. A Virgo woman is kind, thoughtful and detail-oriented. She makes a great friend, lover, spouse and working colleague. If you’d like to continue to read about this sign, check back regularly for our Virgo horoscope.