Your Checklist For Real Talk When Mercury Enters Taurus

We have another transit to discuss today my friends. And with so much talk over the first few months of the year over slow moving Mercury, and retrograde Mercury, and the flirts between M

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Wake Up Call: Dream Interpretation Checklist

A very important component of your path to enlightenment is paying attention to your dream content. It is something we discuss quite frequently, and we have even compiled a Dream Diction

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What is the Goddess Energy of Qi and How Does it Relate as Universe?

For a long time we have accepted what happens in universe as just being “magic, magical, and magickal” – and it is but it isn’t. It is in that it does make things happen by circu

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Horoscopes to Help You Navigate the Uranus Square Pluto Effect!

Well, it’s that time again where we need to touch on one of those uncomfortable subjects. We’ve already touched on this one, as this is an aspect that is one of the longer ones. This

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