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Are you blogger or author with experience writing about personal transformation, astrology, tarot, or numerology?

Are you looking to break into the personal transformation market as a writer?

We’re looking for volunteer writers to provide unique, original articles (unpublished in other websites, magazines) on a wide variety of metaphysical and new-age topics.

In exchange for your volunteer writing services, we’ll promote you with a link back to your blog — and you’ll get full author credit with a bio at the bottom of every article you write.

Why Write for Astrology Answers?

Well-written articles deserve to get lots of attention. We'll promote your writing on our website and social media channels to help you build your name in the astrology world.

Reach a large, invested audience: AstrologyAnswers.com gets around 16 million pageviews / month.

Work with great editors at your own pace: We’ll need a commitment of 1 article / week. You get the topics from our editor, but feel free to suggest your own, too!

Get your articles promoted: Astrology Answers has a popular Facebook page (1,000,000 fans and constantly growing).


We like all things metaphysical, conscious-raising, and even some topics in the paranormal and spiritual. We’re looking for new ideas and new ways of looking at familiar topics, including:

  • Tarot
  • Astrology
  • Numerology
  • Divination tools

We are seeking people with experience writing about these topics (preferably 1 year or more.)

You must be able to provide samples of your writing to be considered.

You should be able to commit to writing 1 article / week.

Please note that you would be a guest, volunteer writer and will be compensated with a prominent biography at the end of each of your articles and a link to any portfolio or website to promote your writing.

Send us your details and samples of your writing and start helping people on their journey of personal transformation!