5 Tarot Card Spreads You Need to Try

Posted on March 30, 2017

To conduct a tarot card reading, you must have an understanding of the most popular spreads. All tarot card readings start with a tarot card spread (or layout). These layouts aren′t random patterns, every position has a particular meaning.

It examines a certain aspect of the question being asked. It′s the marriage between the placement and the meaning of the cards which allows the reader to interpret the information and insights the cards disclose.

There are hundreds of tarot card spreads to choose from: they range from a single card draw to a complicated layout which provides more detail about the question or purpose of the reading.

Many experienced or professional readers even create their own personal designs, unique to them. Let′s discuss some of the most popular tarot card spreads that are used by tarot card readers so you can begin using them too.

One-Card Layout

One card is selected from the tarot deck. It is intended to provide a quick snapshot of wisdom on a particular situation. It′s very helpful for when you′re looking to focus on only one aspect and you want clarity and a no-frills answer.

The one-card layout - sometimes called a one-card draw - is also frequently used in succession. First, one card is examined, then another, and another; much like chapters in an unfolding story.

Two-Card Layout

A spread that′s useful to provide a snapshot of wisdom on a particular situation. Ask it ‘either / or′ questions. Let one card represent one option and the second card refer to the alternate choice.

It shows you what your options are when there′s a decision to be made. It can also be used for ‘yes or no′ questions, Also, use a two-card spread if you′re trying to determine the best timing for something to happen in your life.

Three-Card Layout

An extremely popular spread, the three positions have the potential to refer to many different options. The past, present, and future is the most common; but not the only interpretation. It can be used to represent and clarify a problem and its influences, solutions, or adversaries.

It can give a glimpse into last week, this week, and the following week - or last month, this month, and the next. There′s really no limit as to how this spread might be interpreted, but you must determine what the positions mean before the cards are placed in them.

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