Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Eleventh House

Posted on April 12, 2017

The eleventh house of your astrology birth chart is known as the ‘house of friends′. Your charitable acts and your ambitions, your dreams and your hopes and those close to you who can help you to reach those goals are all indicated by the sign on the cusp and the planets in this area of your chart. What you seek from your friends is represented here, too.

Clubs, groups and social organizations belong here. The causes that you champion, the charities that you support, and how you help others is reflected in this house. Its opposite, the fifth house, brought you insight into your creativity, and the eleventh shows you how you manifest that.

This house also shows you what kinds of people you′re attracted to. Where the fifth house hinted at what makes you attracted to an individual, the eleventh house reveals why you′re attracted to groups. They′re both mirrors of your social interactions. The traditional ruler of this house is Uranus and the Sun sign of Aquarius. It′s a fixed house and belongs to the element of air.

The Eleventh House Deals with Friendship

This is known as the ‘house of friends,′ and with good reason. It′s a very social house. There′s an old saying that “there′s strength in numbers” and another one that says “no man is an island.” You have to have social interaction in order to succeed.

This area of your chart also details what kind of friend you are and what kind of friends you have. Planets that have challenging aspects in this house are of particular interest. They expose where you′ve got work to do in order to find the social relationships that you seek and the kind of organizations where you′ll feel at home.

The Eleventh House Shows the Organizations Where You Belong

Any group of like-minded people is defined here. The emphasis will be on what you accomplish together. This could be something huge, something that makes a global difference; or it could just be something on an smaller level. Group support is important in life because it enables everyone to grow.

You′ll be drawn to an organization that champions a cause that you believe in, or that promotes an idea that′s important to you. You join with those who believe in the same things and want to achieve the same goals, and you work together to make that happen. In this way, the eleventh house represents philanthropy and humanitarianism at its best.

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