Beneficial Thought: Moving Past Conflict in Mercury Retrograde

Posted on August 10, 2017

We are heading into that time of year many earthlings dread, Mercury Retrograde. The common myth is if anything can go wrong, it will. This can be true for some people. Today we are going to look at how to move past any wrinkles or speed bumps or conflict that crops up during Mercury Retrograde.

Life is life. There are bound to be wrinkles and speed bumps along the way, whether Mercury is direct or retrograde. Believe it or not, during Mercury Retrograde, the potential for mishaps is greater, but you actually have additional tools to help you move past conflict more easily and more smoothly than in any other astrological transit. Let′s talk about that!

Mercury Retrograde Review

If you have been reading here for a while, you hear me use the “re” themes when it comes to retrograde period. This is the key to every retrograde period, and most certainly to Mercury Retrogrades which are the only ones occurring several times a year. Mercury is a smaller planet and thus its retrogrades are not as impactful as others.

In other words, when bad things happen during Mercury retrograde, they aren′t as big or epic as changes that happen in our lives during other major planetary transits.

Of course, having a flight delayed or a computer crashing seems life changing at the time, but is it really? Use “re” themes present in every Mercury retrograde, and every retrograde in general, and you will find that Mercury retrograde is actually a blessing in disguise. New computer perhaps if you see a big crash?

We experienced the great Orange Juice Spill of 2014 during one Mercury retrograde, and it led to some much brighter computer days ahead, but it didn′t feel so bright at the time. Having a flight delayed could also mean getting some extra time to chat up someone cute who is just as frustrated as you are.

Let′s “re” view what happens during Mercury retrograde. Here we have the planet that rules communication, messages, and short journeys taking a dip back a little bit. Many people mistakenly think that a retrograde means the planet is moving backwards. It only feels that way. Mercury “re"trograde actually just means the planet is moving slower.

Of course, this means all things this planet rules are going to be slower as well. Also, when a planet is direct, or moving forward at regular speed, its themes are present through external events or experiences. However when a planet is retrograde, the things you are experiencing are internal.

Therein lies the beauty of Mercury retrograde, and how you can use this period to resolve conflicts in your life. This Summer′s Mercury retrograde is happening from August 13 to September 5. The most wrinkly days will be on the days Mercury goes retrograde, on August 13, and when it turns direct again, on September 5.

On August 13, Mercury will make a station, or almost come to a full stop, and start to slow down. It will do so in the Mutable Earth Sign Virgo. It will stay retrograde in Virgo until August 31. Because Mercury is still moving, just slower, it is now going backwards through the zodiac and will be retrograde in the Fixed Fire Sign Leo on August 31.

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Hit the Rewind Button In Mercury Retrograde

If you need a do-over in your life in any area, Mercury retrograde is a beautiful time for that. Let′s “re” visit the “re” themes you can use in Mercury Retrograde to pull the trigger on that do-over. A common stream of consciousness among astrologers is if something bad happens, like a breakup, during Mercury retrograde, forget about it.

This will bounce back stronger than ever once Mercury direct occurs. This happens more often than you know, and this is why Mercury retrograde is so useful if there is conflict in your life.

Here you have the planet of communication hitting the pause button for you. Under retrograde periods, events are happening internally. This means you are “re"flecting, “re"viewing, and “re"membering a lot, and working on a lot to “re” work in your life. Here′s a list of those “re” themes, and it′s certainly not exhaustive.

Use these themes in your life during Mercury retrograde when the going gets tough. Hit the pause button, then “re” wind and give that life issue another, fresher perspective.

• Rewind

• Rethink

• Remember

• Review

• Reconsider

• Reflect

• Reconnect

• Reunite

• Relate

As you can see, the list goes on and on and this is just the tip of the iceberg. The important lesson here is that when conflict arises during Mercury retrograde, hit pause, then rewind. Kind of like you do when you′re watching a movie and didn′t hear something right. Pause, rewind, and then hear it again. You′ll hear it again with fresh eyes and fresh ears.

Nostalgia Themes and Blasts From the Past

One thing Mercury retrograde transit is famous for is blasts from the past. That′s because Mercury is appearing to move backwards in time. You can use this to your advantage when you are having conflict in Mercury retrograde. This is especially useful in relationships.

When you′re having a tough go of it, try a line in a heated argument that goes something like, “Remember that time we did this….[insert fond memory here.]” This softens almost any conversation and if it doesn′t, that′s important relationship information for you too!

Breakups can happen in Mercury retrograde, and you are also often experiencing blasts from the past without even trying. Ever have an old flame re-appear in your life during Mercury retrograde? Chances are every time an old flame has “re” appeared it has happened during a retrograde spell. This will happen whether you are doing that internal work or not.

When events happen during Mercury retrograde, without your control, this is Universe′s way of saying, “Pause and rewind. Time to do some internal work here.”

That old flame “re” visiting may be a test for you for example. Being bombarded with old flames isn′t always a good thing. Sometimes you just want those old flames to stay fizzled out! These are good tests for you to experience, and they always have a reason and higher purpose, as frustrating and annoying as they can be sometimes.

Last Mercury retrograde I wanted to take out the fire extinguisher on the old flames, but you might like it. Only you have those answers.

Concluding thoughts…

Now that you know Mercury retrograde isn′t all that bad, it will be a much more enjoyable period for you. Who doesn′t love nostalgia lane? This is what is in store for you under Mercury retrograde. It′s also the key to navigating any and all conflict. If you are stuck, pause, and rewind. Don′t be afraid to take a time out for yourself if you need to during Mercury retrograde.

Life is life. Wrinkles and speed bumps are going to happen, but they always happen for a reason. Your job, if you choose to accept it, is to figure out what that “re"ason is, and use it in your life. The result is always success when you do. What are your plans during Mercury retrograde?

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