7 Facts About the Brow / Third-eye Chakra You Should Know

Posted on April 19, 2017

Chakra and chakra healing is popular now, and with good reason. They′re the energy centers that keep your life in harmony. When they′re out of balance, your life is out of balance. These wheels of energy—chakra comes from the Sanskrit word for wheel—run from your tailbone to the top of your head.

There are seven chakras, placed along your spine. They have to be functioning properly, neither over nor under active, for your life to unfold smoothly and for you to be truly happy and successful. Let′s check out the brow/third-eye chakra; how it functions and signs when it needs some alignment

1) Where is the Brow / Third-eye Chakra?

This chakra is located between the eyes, right where the big eye on a cyclops might be found! Because it′s located in the brow area, you might hear it called the brow chakra. It′s immediately above the throat chakra. It resonates with the musical note of A.

Of all the chakras, it′s probably the third-eye one that is opened too quickly or too overstimulated, causing the greatest problems with spiritual growth. It is associated with your spiritual development and psychic abilities.

It also governs the capacity to discern between illusion and reality. Clairvoyance, telepathy, and other skills relate to this chakra. Physically, it pertains to eyesight, the pineal gland and the circadian rhythms.

2) What Color is the Brow / Third-eye Chakra?

Remember that these are not physical areas of your body, so you won′t have any purple wheels in your head! Each chakra vibrates to a specific energy level, which is what gives them their associations with music and color.

The Third-eye chakra resonates with all shades of purple and lilac. This has long been thought to be the color of royalty. In color healing, purple is believed to lift the spirits and help to combat sadness and despondency.

There are many ways you can align this area using shades of purple. Healing crystals are found in a variety of purple hues, and beautiful jewelry is made from them. Suitable stones are amethyst, purple fluorite, and lepidolite are all easily available and fairly inexpensive.

If you use reiki healing stones, choose the purple one. If a <link>chakra pendulum appeals to you, focus on the purple color, and see in your mind the restorative energies of purple flowing through it and into your third-eye chakra.

3) What is the Normal Function of the Brow / Third-eye Chakra?

This is the energy that has to do with your insight. Wisdom and intuition are also found here, as is discernment. It′s where your willpower is balanced and your higher consciousness influences you. Divine experiences are also processed through this area. It determines how you perceive your life and the people in it.

When it′s balanced, the third-eye chakra brings you great insight and guidance. You get psychic flashes and prophetic dreams, and you′re neither obsessed with them nor frightened by them.

You′re comfortable with your own spiritual beliefs, yet open-minded enough to listen to the ideas of others. You have a good imagination and have no trouble visualizing what you want so that you can start to pursue it.

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