What Deep, Dark Secret do You Hide Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on June 27, 2017

Have you ever wondered what is really found in the depths of your soul? Maybe you wonder this about your spouse or a close friend. Astrology has answers to these questions. Every zodiac sign has two sides. We call them the light side and the shadow side. We all make a great effort to learn what makes us shine in the light in this world. It′s called putting our best foot, or best face, forward.

Do we really know the depths of our shadow side? Not many of us do. Learning more about this can help you to improve on your sense of self, and to learn more about the others in your life. Knowing what is hidden in our shadow side is important, as it helps you to work on those issues, becoming a better person.

When you learn how to do that, you can amplify that light within you a little bit more, and also amplify the light in others too. When you honestly and authentically work on the deep, dark, secret of yours, your light automatically shines brighter. Who doesn′t want that? Let′s take a dive into secrets today and have a look at who you are on the inside. Then stroll over to your partner′s zodiac sign and get to know them a little bit better too!


On the outside, Aries is bright, passionate, flamboyant, adventurous, and very spirited. This zodiac sign is ready to charge into life. Did you know that underneath all of this cardinal sign energy is a sensitive and compassionate person? Even though they appear confident and ready to tackle any challenge, they are more easily wounded than you might think.

Their desire to be number one is the root of this. They won′t put their cards out on the table unless they feel safe and secure with you. If you make an Aries feel like they are your number one, you will get more out of them. Be gentle with them, because they may appear like they don′t care what anyone thinks of them, but they do, a lot!


Taurus is an earth sign and embodies both a sensual air as well as a practical and down to earth nature. This is a lovely combination that makes Taurus very real, which usually translates into being very likable. With every fixed sign comes a nature that some people call stubborn.

The worst thing you can do with a Taurus is to call them lazy or stubborn. Instead, appreciate that they are loyal to their opinions, and find a way to compromise when you are stuck in a rut with them. What Taurus really wants is a fair and balanced solution, it′s not necessarily ‘their own way or the highway′.


Gemini comes off as a bit scatterbrained because they are a mutable sign in the air sign family. Gemini is all over the map, that is no secret. What many don′t know about Gemini is deep down they′re actually pretty level-headed. They′re more rational than they first appear, usually working two angles at once, wanting at least one to stick. This is not a bad thing to have in your life.

Gemini always casts a wide net knowing it′s not going to catch everything, but they hope to catch at least one thing. This confuses and even annoys many people. They may want to sell a house for example and say whatever they can to do it. Deep down, they′re crunching numbers and pitching the most logical parts to score the best deal. Don′t get emotional when Gemini upsets you. Use facts and a rational approach and you will be appreciated because they always feel like nobody understands them at all.


Cancer is a very loving and domestic sign, two things we all love about them. As the cardinal water sign, Cancer leads the pack on being emotional - about everything. Cancer is as smart as they come but can be a bit of a right-fighter, and this can get downright ugly sometimes. The one thing Cancer may not know about themselves is that they are super sensitive. Like, super, super sensitive. Something said off the cuff with no ill intentions can easily turn Cancer into a rage machine.

They also don′t like to admit when they are wrong - ever - which can be problematic. Cancer needs to learn to hear two sides without playing defense, or offense, in every conversation. Sometimes humans just talk and it doesn′t mean a major point needs to be made or won. Those dealing with a Cancer need to mind how they interact because the littlest thing can and will be taken personally and used against you. For a long time.


Leo is the flamboyant, social, life of the part. They are also generous and loyal to the core. We love that Leo presents as the bold lion of every single gathering. What many don′t know is, underneath that gorgeous lion mane is a very sensitive person. Cancer is sensitive to a fault yes, but unlike Cancer who pinches when they get crabby, Leo hides their super sensitivity.

If Leo is hurt, you may not hear the roar, and that′s not always a good thing. People think that Leos need constant flattery to beef up their ego, and in a way that is true. Leo needs it because they need the reminders that they are loved. If Leo doesn′t feel this from you, you are not going to hear from them for a while. Keep piling on the love for your Leo, and this fixed sign is in it with you for the long haul. It′s what they do.


As the mutable earth sign, Virgo is the practical and down to earth, flexible friend that everybody can count on. Virgo is also quiet by nature, and while not exactly a wallflower, they just don′t exude the life of the party vibe that a Leo does. This can lead to Virgo being perceived as boring or dull.

Virgos are Smart as a whip and are definitely not boring. When Virgo is quiet, mind your behavior. A quiet Virgo is an observant Virgo, and they′re always taking in the details. One little secret about Virgo that others are always trying to figure out is, you′ll never understand them completely. They have depth, and those quiet times they are always just processing the details of what is going on around them and filing every detail into those depths. ‘Watch, and learn′, is Virgo′s life mantra.

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