How to Find the Love of Your Life Using the Tarot

Posted on February 13, 2017

Love is in the air. Did you know it′s also in your tarot cards? The tarot has many purposes, and its uses aren′t limited to fortune telling. Do you ever wonder what life has in the cards for you, or maybe you want to know how to find the love of your life using the tarot. Grab your favorite deck and let′s get started!

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The Question

It′s very important to word the question you ask so it′s specific and precise. Otherwise, you′re likely to get quite an ambiguous answer. It′s all well and good to ask, “Is there a special someone out there for me,” but that′s so open-ended and vague. The cards won′t know how to answer.

It′s best to plan on a series of questions and do more than one tarot layout, or your answer will be inconclusive, and you′ll end up getting frustrated at your cards. Here are some possible ways of phrasing your questions to get you started:

  • Is love looking for me at the moment?
  • When might I meet this person?
  • Where might I meet this person?
  • How will I recognize this person when we meet?
  • What do I need to know about this person?

The Layout

The layout you use is also important. Choose your layout ahead of time, and stick to it. I can′t stress enough that you have to be specific about your intentions and focused on what you′re doing, otherwise you′ll get puzzling answers and you won′t see clarity in the cards.

There are several ways of approaching a spread, and none of them are better than the others. It′s a matter of preference. Working with the tarot is always a fluid and interactive story. One of the simplest methods to use is the one card draw. Quiet your mind, open your heart, and ask your question.

Draw the card, and use it as the answer. The card often leads you to the next question to ask. If you′ve asked, “Is love looking for me at the moment,” and you draw an optimistic card such as the Sun, then perhaps your next question could be, “Is it somebody I already know,” and you can continue to pose questions to the cards to clarify.

The Timing

The timing of all of this is particularly important. To go back to our original example, if you were to ask “Is there someone out there for me,” but you don′t ask the cards about a specific timeframe, you could get a very positive answer, but be waiting on them for twenty years! The tarot is a tool, and like any other tool, it is only as effective as the person who uses it.

There are some timing indicators in the deck, like the astrological associations of the different cards. Using this method may well give you an insight into your lover′s Sun sign—an added bonus!

Court cards often mean that the timing of finding love will depend on someone else and isn′t completely within your control. Upright court cards mean someone could be helpful; inverted court cards indicate that they have the potential to create delays or obstacles.

You′ll have to be a bit intuitive about your reading because you′ll find all kinds of conflicting information on the internet! Choose one method, and stick to it. To get the most out of the tarot, you′ll have to resist the temptation to assign different associations simply because you don′t like the outcome of your layout.

The Location

The tarot can provide hints about timing, it can also bring you glimpses as to where you might find love. There are no hard and fast rules, but with a bit of logic and intuition, you′ll soon see the tarot will imply places as well as time frames.

It′s pretty obvious that the suit of cups has something to do with water, for that′s this suit′s natural element. Water is a pretty broad subject matter. Cups point to anything from you taking a cruise and meeting someone aboard ship, to you standing in line behind someone at a drinking fountain, and anything in between!

The rest of the cards take a bit more thought. Pentacles is fairly easy; in the tarot this is the suit that is represented by the element of earth, so any earthly pleasure has potential This includes hiking, eating out, doing things around the home, or even at work.

Swords represent the element of air, so think about intellectual pursuits. It could cover school and universities, places where there′s a lot of technology, or even a weekend seminar. Churches, religious organizations, even meditation groups may be represented here.

Finally, we come to the suit of wands. This suit relates to the element of fire. You don′t have to climb a volcano, though! Warm places, summer holidays, and anywhere that works up a sweat are all included here. Think sports, gymnasiums, and perhaps even activism. If it′s something you′re passionate about, then there′s a chance you can find someone to share that passion with—in every sense of the word!

The Person

What type of person should you be looking for when it comes to love and a fulfilling relationship? This is a crucial question because very often the person you think could be the love of your life, and the person who will really be a compatible life partner, are very different people indeed! You have to be realistic about what you have to offer, and who you′re likely to attract.

We talked earlier about how the different suits represented the different Sun signs. If you′re going to consult the tarot about the potential Sun sign of your lover, don′t keep repeating the process, or things will get very confusing indeed. If you ask the same question four days in a row, you′re unlikely to get the same answer consecutively.

There are so many variables and we each have more than one person who might make an ideal match for us. An air sign possibility may reveal itself one day, and a water sign option the next. Take it lightly, and remember that even if you ask the cards what Sun sign your lover will be, it′s all fluid, and malleable

Once you actually meet that person you might find that the rising sign is more strong in their natal chart than their Sun sign, and that′s what the tarot picked up. It′s all fluid, and malleable, and it will all lead you to your true love if you stay involved in the process, and open minded.

The court cards of the tarot also bring glimpses of your potential partner to you, but remember that these are archetypes, rather than one actual person. A general rule of thumb is that the ages go from Pages representing someone young, to Kings representing someone mature.

All the court cards are gender neutral when it comes to you finding romance. Look at the characteristics that this card represents—such as virility, compassion, stability—rather than taking it at its literal face value and generalizing your reading too much.

The major arcana cards also share information about your next love. They reveal to you what state of life that person is going through at the moment, and why you might not be together just now. For instance, The Hermit might mean that this person is very spiritual, while the Wheel of Fortune could indicate that they′re going through a lot of changes.

It′s best not to do this too type of reading often (again, it can get all jumbled and confused.) Although remember to record your thoughts and the cards you drew so that you build up a profile and blueprint of what you′re seeking in a mate.

In the Meantime

Even if you didn′t get exactly the answer from the cards that you were hoping for, there are still things you can do in the meantime. You should take steps to prepare for this wonderful encounter. In your daily tarot meditations, talk to the cards, and write down your thoughts in a journal or (private) online blog.

Journaling Will give you something to reflect on in the future, it helps you to organize yourself towards the goal of finding true love, as opposed to just drifting and waiting for it to happen. Here are some prompts to guide your journaling, as you immerse yourself in the process I know that you′ll think of many more:

  • What kind of relationship is ideal for me?
  • How do I draw that relationship into my life?
  • What do I need to change so that I′m ready for love?
  • What is standing in my way from finding the love I seek?
  • How do I overcome what′s standing in my way from being in love?

Keep in mind that you shouldn′t shut yourself off while you′re preparing for love to find you, either. Continue to be socially active. Go on dates, pursue activities that you enjoy, and let the world see you enjoying yourself. The more you are out there loving your life, the more chances there are that people will see you and want to get to know you.

Use the tarot before you go out to guide you. For example, the Hermit might encourage you to play it cool, and remain mysterious, while the 8 of Swords reminds you not to let others make you feel inhibited, use their guidance to keep an eye out for the love of your life.

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These are just some of the ways that the tarot can lead you to love. Of course, simply reading the cards and gaining their insight won′t miraculously change your love life. You have to be part of the process. Interact with the wisdom of the archetypal images and let them speak to you. If you use the tarot as a tool to help you to improve your life, you won′t be alone for long—I promise!

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