Full Moon in Aquarius – Weird is the New Black

Posted on August 06, 2017
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It′s time for a change! Can you feel it? It′s possible you′ve been saying that about a lot of things for a long time. We all want some change in our lives, much of the time. Whether it′s your job, your house, your kids, your relationship or even just your hair style, there′s always something many of us just want to be tweaked.

\With the Full Moon in Aquarius just around the corner, the Universe is now saying – go for it! With Aquarius in the picture, the Universe is saying you now have permission to let your freak flag fly, and go as weird as you want. In fact, with Aquarius, weird is the new black. What change do you want right now?

It doesn′t matter how weird that wish is. The Full Moon in Aquarius says, “Your weird wish is my command.”

Themes of the Full Moon in Aquarius

Here we have two energies working together. Full Moons are always about bringing something to completion. Whatever you started two weeks ago, whether a spiritual or a physical practical thing, will start coming to completion. Full Moons are about closing things up for good, putting them all behind you, and moving forward in a fresh new cycle.

With this Full Moon in Aquarius we are also experiencing a lunar eclipse. Again, this is a powerful change agent. It′s all about coming into the awareness of what isn′t working in your life, letting it go, and forging forward with a clarity on what it is you want, and what WILL work in your life.

This is the Full Moon and eclipse energy you are working with. Every planet takes on the themes and qualities of the zodiac sign it′s in, so when the Full Moon is in Aquarius, this event takes on the themes and qualities of Aquarius. This is a thinking Moon, a logical and rational Air Sign Moon asking you to put the emotions aside.

Aquarius is also a humanitarian, and always looking to make their mark on the world. Their big, out there ideas are always about how they can be used to help others and improve the lives for the greater good. Aquarius doesn′t think only of themselves. It′s always about how their actions impact and affect the group they are in.

Groups and social circles are another important theme under this Full Moon.

Aquarius is the Einstein of the zodiac, the innovator, the inventor, the big thinker. Aquarius is also ruled by Uranus and is thus a little shocking sometimes. Uranus is unconventional energy that expects the unexpected. This is why the Full Moon in Aquarius is all about honoring the theme of “weird is the new black.”

Under this Full Moon, no idea is too big, no invention or inspiration is too “out there”, and no thought is too small.

This is not just any Full Moon. It′s accompanied by that lunar eclipse, so the changes that happen now could impact your life well into 2018. If ever there is a time this year to let go of the fears and embrace endless possibilities, now is the time to do it. You won′t get energy like this again for a long time.

Do you really want that change? Then the Full Moon in Aquarius is giving you the biggest green light in the galaxy. Time to go for it!

How to Go For It With the Full Moon in Aquarius

If you aren′t sure how to channel the energy of this Fixed Sign airy Aquarius Full Moon, there are a few tips we can offer. With this Full Moon accompanied by a lunar eclipse, the changes ahead can effectively last as long as six months, right into the new year, so this is something to get excited about. Embrace these themes with everything you′ve got.

• DO be as weird and quirky as you want to be. Weird is the new black! That new hairstyle you′ve been considering that′s a little out there, that new job, relationship, whatever it is…go for it. Life is for living, and follow those inspirations no matter how off they sound.

• DO be objective, DON′T be emotional. Aquarians are as rational and logical as they are weird. The Full Moon is always about pulling back from the situation and waiting for more information. Channel your inner Aquarius Einstein, and wait for more facts and data to make big life decisions. They are coming.

They will be obscured by the lunar eclipse temporarily. Step back, think critically, and wait for it.

• DO engage with groups and causes, DON′T isolate yourself trying to sort it out on your own. Aquarius rules groups and friendships, as it wants to change the world. Friends are good to be with during this Full Moon. You will feel uplifted by the people that mean the most to you, and take ideas from them.

Don′t be afraid to pitch them your weird or quirky ideas. Connecting with like minded individuals is very effective right now. Whether you have a vision to change the whole world, or just change your own, connecting with like minds gets you there faster.

• DO keep your air clean. It sounds like such a simple thing. As an Air Sign, Aquarius likes clean air. Investing in a new diffuser for essential oils is a great way to capture Aquarius energy under this Full Moon. Candles and air fresheners work as well. Blue or aqua colored candles are best.

Saging your home during this Full Moon is a great ritual to engage in to emulate the themes of this Air Sign Moon.

• DO call on the angel Gabriel to guide you with your Full Moon wishes. Gabriel rules Aquarius, and is ready to answer your call.

• DO use or invest in the following Aquarius related healing crystals: Amethyst, Garnet, Clear Quartz, and Hematite. Herbs used in herbal teas whichwill be effective during this Full Moon include rosemary, sage, and valerian.

Concluding Thoughts…

There are so many zodiac signs to take advantage of this Full Moon in Aquarius that is accompanied by a lunar eclipse. Embracing the themes and using these practical tips can help your Full Moon wishes come true. Nothing is too out there under this Full Moon – weird is the new black! What are your Full Moon wishes?

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