How Each Zodiac Sign Will Break Your Heart

Posted on June 21, 2017

In love, we all have the capability of capturing someone′s heart, wooing them with our positive qualities. On the flip side, we are just as capable of breaking hearts when the shadow sides of our zodiac sign come out to play. We can repeat patterns of hurting lovers and even our friends and family because of our repeated bad behavior.

Today we′re going to talk about how each sign breaks the heart of those they love, and how to overcome these traits to find success in long-term relationships. It can help you become more aware of your own tendencies and help you watch out for behavior that will harm your relationships.


You are fascinated by and drawn to what′s new and interesting; especially anything that seems like a challenge. When it comes to love, you can come on strong while you woo the one you want – and then drop them like a hot potato when you aren′t getting your way or they become tiresome to you.

Remember that the one you love is not an event, a competition, or an object you can move on from when you lose interest. You have a responsibility to the people that love you, so try to give them a chance to reignite your flame before you toss them to the side.


You love to be surrounded by beautiful things you can add to your collection – and sometimes, that includes people. You can become possessive and male the one you love feel like an object or a captive! In your darkest moments, your jealousy and resentment may lead you to do and say some scary things.

Taurus is usually pretty down to earth, why are you so insecure?! If you feel those sharp pangs of jealousy over your partner, remember that they are not something you own.As long as they′re trustworthy, and they have given you no reason to doubt their loyalty, you have nothing to worry about!


Your gift of the gab ensures you always have scintillating conversations. At first, this seems fascinating to your suitors, as your social skills draw you to large groups of admirers.The down side is that they will learn you have a hard time focusing on any one thing and your listening skills can be non-existent. Your loved one feels ignored or unimportant because it′s all about you.

If there′s someone special in your life, make sure to pause once in a while to get their opinion. Information comes from those around you, so put down the book, turn off the computer, and engage in conversation with the one you care for. You can still learn from them and they might surprise you with what they have to say when they get a chance to speak!


You are as sensitive as they come, Cancer, and when you feel safe and secure in your love life, can be quite nurturing and forgiving. When you feel you′ve been disrespected, or someone lets you down, you can turn on a dime, becoming moody and passive-aggressive. Your loved one′s heart is broken when they see how out of control you can be when your emotions turn on them.

You need to find your sense of self before you commit to a relationship. When you go in with the belief that you are worthwhile and capable of true happiness, you′ll be less likely to freak out when your partner makes an offhand comment or suggests there′s something wrong.


Leo is happy as long as they are having fun, being the center of attention, and receiving accolades from those around them. You can break hearts when you become insecure. Your shadow side reveals your weaknesses of arrogance and the need to assert control. Your loved ones feel you′re making demands, instead of meeting in the middle.

Try to confront issues as they arise, instead of immediately reacting with anger or turning to dominating behavior to get what you want. You might find that your concerns are totally unwarranted, and you can save a good relationship by being mature in a confrontation.


You do not let just anyone into your heart, but when you do, you expect a lot from them. As hard as you are on yourself, when you turn that eagle eye to the one you love, you can be incredibly nitpicky, perfectionist, and downright critical. Your loved one has their heart broken when they feel like they aren′t good enough for you.

Take your over analysis of everyone down a notch! While having high standards for yourself can bring you far in the world, it′s not fair to expect everyone to meet your lofty ideals. Rephrase your concerns or pet peeves in a way that isn′t negative.

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