How to Relieve Stress With A Gemstone Healing Wand

Posted on September 05, 2017

Everybody has stress, even the most spiritually attuned individuals. Deepak Chopra and Mahatma Gandhi did not develop their broad-spectrum philosophies because life was going just peachy for them. Even if you are feeling spiritually enlightened, don′t beat yourself up if you have a little stress in your life.

Today we are going to look at one New Age tool that can help you combat the anxieties of life – the gemstone healing wand. Everybody from Deepak Chopra to contemporary celebrities like Miranda Kerr and Victoria Beckham is using a gemstone healing wand to relieve every day stress. You can too!

Why Use Gemstone Healing Wands or Healing Crystals for Stress

If you have stress, that′s called being alive and being human. That doesn′t mean you have to live with it. There are a number of things you can do to relieve stress. Healthy living, staying active, eating well, sleeping enough, and getting rid of the things such as people or situations in your life that are toxic are all stress busters.

That′s not always enough. Stress is a part of daily living in this chaotic world. We ALL have had one of those days where one-minute things were going along just swimmingly, and then on a dime, everything changed.

Having as many tools in your tool box to combat daily stress is important. One tool is never enough. You want people that love you around you, check. You want a healthy life, hopefully, check. You want a spiritual philosophy—if you are here, check.

You can also use physical tools like a gemstone healing wand in addition to all of these extra tools to help you relieve stress. Victoria Beckham has one, Miranda Kerr has one, Madonna, Katy Perry, and even Angelina Jolie all use healing crystals to help them get through every day. You can too! They are less expensive than any stress busting vitamin you will ever buy.

The History of Healing Crystals for Stress

Healing crystals have been used for centuries to relieve stress. The ancient Sumerians would make potions from rose or crystal quartz for healing and anxiety relief. The ancient Greeks adopted the crystal of amethyst to wear around their necks to ward off evil spirits, whether they were evil for mind or body. The Chinese still use jade in many products for medicine and to attract wealth.

Today, many crystals known as healing crystals are used in many products, from watches to smartphones because they are known to scientifically produce or repel charges. The crystal quartz, for example, is one that is found in computers, radios, phones, watches, because it literally transmits energy because it is made of silicon dioxide.

When we say healing crystals can help you work positively with energy, we mean it! Even scientists use them as such, but they won′t call them healing crystals then. They call them energy conductors.

When you use a series of different healing crystals into a product such as a gemstone healing wand, you align the crystal′s energy in a way that produces a multiple and sequential effect. Each healing crystal in a gemstone healing wand has its own purpose and function.

Used all together at once in a healing wand, you clear any blocks in your body, reduce stress, and can provide overall mind AND body healing at the same time.

Of course, physical body healing still needs to be maintained at your doctor′s office, but if you′re using healing crystals in conjunction with all the tools at your disposal, you aren′t going to hurt or impede any medical process already in play. Gemstone or crystal healing wands have been used historically to reduce stress, and there′s no reason they can′t be used today.

How to Use Gemstone Healing Wands to Reduce Stress

The best gemstone healing wands have multiple kinds of crystals, but you can find them with only one crystal as well. They are wand shaped, and the reason you want many crystals is because each crystal holds its own vibration. The more vibrations you are using to relieve stress, the sooner your problems are alleviated.

The wands are used to direct energy to tension points, but to also clear away any blockages. Inside our body we have 7 little invisible wheel houses of energy, called the 7 chakras. Sometimes you are stressed because one or more of your chakras is blocked. Using a healing wand can help you to clear away those blocks.

There′s no right or wrong way to use your gemstone healing wand. The easiest and most common way is to use it during meditation, and scan it in a clockwise motion over the 7 chakra centers. From your pelvis, to your abdomen, to your chest, then your heart, your throat, to your third eye, and finally your crown. Pay attention to what your intuition is telling you during this.

This can take as little as 5 minutes, or as long as an hour, it′s all up to you. Set the intentions for healing before you go in, and let your wand do the work.

As you are working with your wand, you will notice if certain areas feel okay or are a little out of whack. Don′t be afraid to spend extra time there with your healing wand. It′s entirely possible you will even feel it vibrating, or the wand could feel warm or even cool to touch. These changes are your body telling you something.

Pay attention, set intentions for healing. Visualize clear pathways and energy flows, blood moving well, neural systems intact and healing. Actually visualize these things as you move from one chakra to the next. You will “just know” when you are done working with your wand.

When you have finished your session, you should feel calmer, more relaxed, and maybe even happier! This is a wonderful “side effect” that is completely normal. This means you′ve done it right.

That′s how you relieve stress with your gemstone healing wand. Keep one in your purse or briefcase, in your desk drawer, on your nightstand, wherever you think you want one or think you may need to perform this little ritual. It doesn′t have to take all day, but if you′re feeling good about it, it can if you want!

Concluding thoughts…

There is no good reason not to have a gemstone healing wand, if you are looking to relieve stress in your life. Everybody from Miranda Kerr to Madonna refers to theirs as their most cherished item. They do no harm. They can only help any zodiac sign to feel good. Never use them as substitutes for physical healing, you want your doctor for that.

You can use them to feel better, clear blockages and relieve stress, any time of the day, any day of the week, and who doesn′t want that? What are your stories of your gemstone healing wand?

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