What Does Your Birth Number Reveal About Your Life?

Posted on February 28, 2017

In numerology, your Life Path Number (LPN) is the overarching theme that guides your life. Although, you also have a birth number that is important as well. This is different than your Life Path Number, and it is based on the date of the month that you were born.

There are no calculations involved with your birth number. It′s very simple: the actual day of birth is your birth number. There′s no math, no addition, you just work with the number of the day you were born. Knowing what this number means can take you deeper into realizing how numerology can help you make the most out of your life.

Here′s a quick look at the meanings of each birth number for easy reference. What day fo the month were you born?

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1: If you were born on the 1st of the month then you′re an instigator, a go-getter, and very independent. You will have to watch out for selfishness and you may get a little egotistical. Balance this out by making a conscious effort to consider others.

2: The number 2 brings you balance and diplomacy. You′re very sensitive when it comes to the feelings and needs of others. Make sure that you don′t lose your own self-confidence along the way because self-doubt can lead to sadness.

3: You′re very communicative if you were born on the third day of the month. Remember that not all communication is spoken and there is a wide range of expression open to you. You could be incredibly creative in nonverbal, physical, and artistic ways.

4: Fours are often the pillar of strength in their families and communities. You′re a hard worker and can be very practical. Try not to be too traditional and set in your ways, for there′s a bit of stubbornness associated with this birth number.

5: Being born on the 5th brings you inherent luck and an unwillingness to compromise. You know what you want and you can charm your way towards getting it. You live life large, but make sure that you don′t overindulge in the things that bring you pleasure.6: If you were born on the 6th, you will lean towards traditions and family values. You′re conscious of your surroundings, but you may have a tendency to be really critical of others. Part of your life′s lesson is to learn to lighten up.

7: A life path number of 7 is considered to be lucky and so is the birth number. You′re intuitive (and maybe a bit psychic) but you have trouble fitting in. It can be hard for you to find a place—and people—where you feel truly comfortable.

8: You have infinite powers of motivation and leadership and you can also be a bit bossy. This is the number of great potential, but your arrogance may let you down. Learn to cultivate patience with others as it will actually work in your favor.

9: The 9th of the month is the number of the artist and the dreamer. If this is your birth number, you′re probably very romantic. You just have to make sure that you bring some practicality to your dreams and you′re not using your fantasies to escape reality.

10: All of the energies of the number 1 are amplified here. You′re a trailblazer and not afraid to stand alone. Don′t try to do it all and go through life as a lone wolf though, it will be easy for you to become stressed out if you over-commit yourself.

11: As one of the master numbers, an 11 birth number brings to you the idealism of the same life path number. It also brings nervous energy. Try not to worry so much about what others think about you and love the life that you want to lead.

12: A birth number of 12 brings you the independence of the 1 and the sensitivity of the 2. You′re artistic and communicative, but you need to pay attention to your feelings. You′re naturally prone to mood swings and one of your life lessons is to keep your emotions balanced.

13: Don′t let people tell you that it′s unlucky to be born on the 13th, because it′s not. What this number does mean, is that you a penchant for hard work. Others might try to take advantage of you, so don′t let them. Express yourself through a creative pursuit.

14: You may struggle with commitment if 14 is your birth number. You′re gregarious and likeable and you hunger for a sense of adventure in order to feel alive. You need to be honest with others, though, or you′ll come off as being superficial.

15: You′ve got a real flair for the creative arts. It doesn′t matter what field; whether it′s words, music or painting. You′re a great friend, but you may need to pay more attention to the needs of others than you do your own sometimes.16: This is the number of intellect and understanding. Pursuing detailed-oriented careers or hobbies will appeal to you if you were born on the 16th. You delve deep into what interests you, but you′ll have to apply yourself to finish what you start. Don′t get so absorbed in your pursuits that you shut others out.

17: You can be a bit of a perfectionist because you′ve got high standards and the ambition to live up to them. One of your life lessons is to learn to delegate. Your way is not the only way of doing things; let someone else explore their skills and talents too.

18: A birth number of 18 indicates that you can communicate with people from many different backgrounds and belief systems. You′ve got superior leadership abilities, but watch your judgemental tendencies. It′s easy for you to find fault with others.

19: You like to live life on the cutting edge, being active and right in the middle of things in order to feel alive. You′re fiercely independent and it can make it difficult for you to form emotional relationships with others. You need to find a balance between independence and companionship.

20: You have all the energies of the 2 birth number, turned up and amplified! You′re so involved with your surroundings and easily influenced by them, so take extra care that they′re harmonious and soothing. It′s easy for your emotions to get the better of you.

21: You′re charming and talented—although a bit lazy. You have everything that it takes to create a very successful life, but you may not have the motivation to make it happen. Your charisma can open many doors for you, although you will have to do the work that will lead you to the highest rewards.

22: You have the intuition and inspiration associated with the 22 life path number.. However, as a birth number, it does bring some challenges. You′ve got big dreams and you′re not afraid of failing at reaching them. You′re afraid of succeeding, and that′s what you need to work on.

23: If 23 is your birth number then you need to watch yourself for overindulgence. You truly believe that life is for living and it′s so seductive with all of its wonders! You′re amiable and goal oriented, but you may get too easily distracted on your way to success.

24: You′re a great listener and you seem to get drawn into the drama that other people create. Remember that listening and counseling is one thing, but you can′t let others problems become your problems. People will take advantage of you if you let them.

25: You′re intelligent and intellectual. Are you using that to your advantage, or are you using it to shut others out? It′s not hard for you to get absorbed in your studies and pursuits. Don′t use that dedication as an excuse for avoiding emotional connections.

26:It′s easy for you to see the entirety of a situation, but it′s harder for you to focus on the details that are needed to make that bigger picture manifest itself. Put your ego aside and let others help you. You can come off as conceited with that ego and no one likes a showoff.

27: You understand human nature more than most, but you won′t always like what you see. It can be hard for you to forgive others for being human and making the mistakes that people are likely to make. You need to pause and remember that you′re not perfect either.

28: Yours is the path of originality and you′re not one to conform. You′re better at starting things than you are at finishing them. Use that entrepreneurial charm to instigate things and then leave it to others to complete—but don′t throw a tantrum when things don′t go your way.

29: It may take you awhile to find your niche in the world, but once you do, you′ll fill it with creativity. You′re intuitive yet practical. You need to have patience with yourself and find out who you truly are, not who someone else says you should be.

30: You′re so creative that an artistic profession would come naturally to you. If you′re not already doing this for a living, then find a creative hobby which you can pour yourself into during your leisure time. You′ll feel incomplete without some kind of imaginative activity.

31: Reliability and dependability are two of your strengths. You′re very hardworking, people rely on you, and you don′t want to let anyone down. There′s the potential that you could overstretch yourself, so make sure you have at some time alone to relax and recharge.

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You now know how your birth number works with your own life path number. While your Life Path NumberLPN is the most important factor, it isn′t the only number that makes you who you are. This information can also help you to understand how someone with the same LPN might have different traits than you.

Your birth number, as well as calculations based on your name, factor into a numerology reading too. Working with numerology can help you make the most out of your life! The deeper you delve into its secrets, the more you will understand your soul′s purpose in this incarnation.

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