Beneficial Thought: Work Hard & Play Harder With Mars in Leo

Posted on July 13, 2017

Friends, we are about to get some amazing energy to brighten up your summer: the transit of Mars in Leo! When I think of the themes of Mars in Leo, I think of the infectious, charming, and driven personalities of Hillary Clinton, Robert Redford, and Thomas Jefferson. All three of them share the placement of Mars in Leo in their natal charts. That gifts them with some special qualities that include a drive to succeed, but in a way that creates a lasting impression, and a lasting legacy.

Hillary Clinton, for example, has a laugh that the entire world, even her political opponents, will chuckle over because it′s unforgettable. Robert Redford, well, he is probably charming and irresistible even when he has the flu. We are embarking on this transit of Mars in Leo very soon, and it is lovely energy that we will have from July 20 until September 5. Let′s look at how you can use the energy of Mars in Leo to work hard, play harder, and leave an impression that nobody will ever forget.

What is Mars in Leo?

Mars in Leo is the transit of the planet Mars through the zodiac sign of Leo. You can have this transit in your birth chart, but you can also just experience this energy once a year every time Mars enters Leo for a few weeks. We are soon upon that time! The fiery, warrior planet Mars enters the fire sign, Leo. Fire signs Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius will feel it the most, but it will impact all people, no matter your zodiac sign.

We have the drive, assertive, war planet Mars that wants you to fight, and fight hard. It enters the lovable sign of Leo that wants you to play, and play hard. This is an exciting combination of energy because you are both fired up, and willing to do whatever it takes to reach some goals and small goals aren′t going to be enough.

Like Hillary Clinton, Robert Redford, and Thomas Jefferson, you want to succeed in goals that leave a lasting impression and legacy. You want your win to be remembered for generations to come. Not only do you want it, but you have the drive to make it happen. That′s why this transit is so much fun and exciting. It can end up being a successful period for those that use this energy right.

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