Beneficial Thought: Does a Relationship in Your Life Need Healing? Use Rose Quartz

Posted on May 11, 2017

In this world of busy, busy, busy, and go, go, go, it′s very easy to forget the simplest things in life. This always has a direct impact on our relationships, no matter what we are stressed about. Wouldn′t it be great if we could have that one magic stone that could fix all of that?

I have good news for you, there is! One of my favorite healing crystals is the rose quartz. Its specific properties will solve these issues, they will ground you, and remind you that in this busy world, the only thing that matters is love, sweet love. Let′s talk about that today.

What is Rose Quartz?

There is a lot of mythology surrounding the love stone of healing crystals known as rose quartz. Rose quartz is a pink stone, used in the New Age world for love and healing in relationships, and it′s said to attract love, as well as heal it. This comes from its origins and first use, and there are many stories about its history.

Legend has it that rose quartz was the first gem ever shared between lovers, when Cupid and Eros brought the stone to Earth to restore love to all mankind, and ultimately within each other. Their hope was that its pink hues would inspire love in humans everywhere.

Aphrodite and Adonis are also part of the legend of the rose quartz. One day, Adonis was attacked by a wild animal, and Aphrodite ran to him but caught herself on a briar patch. When they united, their blood intermingled upon a white stone, and the resulting color was pink. This stone became the rose quartz, used for love and healing.

The Egyptian love goddess, Isis also used rose quartz, but to attract love rather than heal relationships. Isis, the renowned mother goddess of Egypt, reportedly used rose quartz to make facial masks that would help her retain her beauty and youth. It worked, rose quartz masks have been found in the ancient tombs of Egypt centuries later.

Today, rose quartz is found in India, Brazil, Japan, Madagascar, South Africa, and also in South Dakota in the United States. It is used for many purposes of healing, but also to attract love, and it works! It′s like having a little love spell or potion in your pocket, wherever you go.

Rose quartz comes from the Earth, and as such, has physical properties and vibrations that promote healing and love by removing and eliminating negative thoughts, stress, and doubt. It also provides courage and strength, and most importantly, personal empowerment.

Rose Quartz Allows You to be More Open

When you are wearing or carrying rose quartz, you intuitively feel loving traits. You become more open to both giving and receiving love. When you′re feeling strong and courageous, empowered, and open, the natural side effect is to experience personal healing, inner strength, stronger existing relationships, and the ability to attract new ones.

The biggest problem in relationships today, whether personal or romantic, is often cited as communication, but the problem lies a bit deeper than this. It′s impossible to communicate with someone that you love when you aren′t open to hearing what they have to say. Rose quartz changes this.

If you′re in a fight or disagreement with someone, you won′t be able to communicate with them if you′re waiting for them to finish talking so you can get your own points in. We′ve all been guilty of this once or twice.

Using or wearing rose quartz helps you to overcome this obstacle, increasing the amount of unconditional love you feel in your heart. When you feel this, your conversations can change: you aren′t just waiting for someone to finish talking. You are really listening to what they have to say, and willing to work through this problem together.

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