Seeing Number Combinations? Let’s Decode the Hidden Messages

Posted on August 21, 2017

Welcome to another edition of ‘Ask Charla.′ You know, here at Astrology Answers I get a lot of questions from all corners of the globe; things to do with love and romance, chakras, tarot, astrology, numerology; if it′s metaphysical, then someone at some time has asked it!

I love this question! People are so eager to dismiss things as ‘coincidence′ these days, but numbers tend to be a bit different. When you keep seeing number combinations, it′s possible to decode hidden messages in them, messages that can help you live a more fulfilling and empowered life. There′s even a belief that this is the way the angels talk to you!

Single digit numbers are easy enough to understand. Once you know the basics of numerology, you′ll be able to see those signs everywhere, and to take strings of numbers (23456) that you see and decode the hidden messages in them. What about repeating combinations, though, like when you keep noticing the clock at 11:11?

That′s still a language that can be understood, it just takes a little bit more practice!

Interpreting the Sequences

There are two ways to work with these repeating number combinations. To look at our examples, you can choose to take 23456 and decode each number individually, or add them all together as one message. 2+3+4+5+6 adds up to 20. In numerology the 0 is just a placeholder.

I probably shouldn′t say ‘just′ a placeholder, though, for when 0 is at the end of a number (20, 200, etc) it puts it on pep pills! You′ll still interpret that sequence as 2, just with a bit more oomph.

Looking at 11:11, that adds up to 4. This one is a bit unique, too, though, because 11 is one of the Master Numbers in numerology. If you′re seeing 11:11 repeating, it could well be that the Master Number 11 is desperately trying to get your attention.

There′s no right or wrong way to determine what the numbers are saying to you. Choose one method, though - treating them as individuals or reducing them to one single digit - then stick with it. Use this calculation to see what your phone number means, or your driver′s licence or your work I.D. - especially if there are recurring numerals common to all.

Decoding the Messages

1, 11, 111

One always represents a beginning. If it′s got a 0 behind it, as in 10 or 100, then it′s just as emphasized as if it were 111. Of course, 11 is also a Master Number, so it′s a bit of a different character. In general, though, 1 is showing you something new is either coming into your life, or something that you just started is falling into place.

2, 22, 222

This is the number of harmony, and if there′s a 0 involved (20, 200), then the need for peace and balance is almost a demand. It′s asking you to pay attention to your potential, and what you need to do to restore the balance back into your life. The more 2s you see, the greater the chance your wishes will become a reality.

3, 33, 333

Any combination of 3 blends the components of both 1 and 2, whether it′s 3, 33, or 333. Even if you 33 to get six, it′s still two 3s, just like 333 is still three 3s. 30 and 300 elevate 3′s energies to a higher vibration. 3 always indicates change, adaptability, and sometimes distraction. There are a lot of good things about 3, but you′ll need some discipline to get the most out of it.

4, 44, 444

4 is the number of foundation. There are 4 corners of the world, and I bet you′ve got 4 legs on your table! All multiples of 4 are hard workers. Adding a 0 to 4 makes it even more diligent. Multiples of 4 can be tricky; 4 easily turns into a workaholic if it doesn′t pay attention, and make a conscious effort for some rest and relaxation.

5, 55, 555

Where 4 brought stability, 5 brings flexibility, always on the lookout for something new. A 0 behind any combination of 5 might add some superficiality to this number′s energy, so pay close attention when you see this, particularly in your personal numbers.

There′s a big difference between walking away from something that′s not working, and running away from something that requires a bit of discipline.

6, 66, 666

There′s nothing scary about 666. 6—either singular or in a sequence or with the 0 placeholder after it—reminds you to stay humble. When 6 appears it′s showing you that it′s time to listen to your hunches and to take some time away from the noise and bustle of your life in order to recharge your batteries.

7, 77, 777

There′s something innately lucky around 7, thanks to the folklore behind it. Any combination of 7 is a mirror of your spiritual growth, so if you start seeing it everywhere, pay attention! It′s a beacon that is showing you the right path. Add the 0 placeholder to it, and you rev up that luck; but don′t take it for granted. 7 can also be a hard taskmaster.

8, 88, 888

8 in all of its forms is the number of infinite possibilities. Turn it on its side, and you′ll see the symbol for infinity! Add the 0 and it′s asking you to pay close attention. Yes, 8 can bring you material wealth, but it may knock you off your spiritual path as you pursue tangible gains. This could be a reminder that pride comes before a fall, and that hard work is its own reward.

9, 99, 999

9 is the last of the single digit numbers, and thus is a sign of completion. Add the 0, and it becomes both an ending and a beginning. It′s easy to get caught up in 9′s potential and start to judge those who don′t agree with you, which creates karma around the situation—another one of 9′s characteristics.


It′s always interesting to take a look at the messages numbers might be bringing to you. If you agree with the principle that everything is connected, then numbers reappearing do indeed indicate that there are some divine messages coming your way.

Whether these are from ascended masters, angels, family members in the spirit world, or realms unknown to you doesn′t really matter. What is important is you hear the lesson, and are prepared to act upon the information that resonates with you.

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