Ask Charla: Life Decisions Won’t be so Hard if You Use These Stones

Posted on July 10, 2017

Welcome, everyone! Welcome to another instalment of ‘Ask Charla.′ It′s been truly fascinating to read your questions and know what the readers of Astrology Answers want to learn about. Today we are exploring the question:

I love this question, mainly because talking about stones and I love to use and talk about them! You know, stones and crystals are so amazing in many areas of our lives, and using them to help you make decisions is no exception.There are many stones that are appropriate to use, each one bringing a slightly different energy to the situation.

Stones can help with everything from bringing out your inner child to cleansing or protecting yourself from harm. Stones have an incredible capacity to help you heal and bring peace in many different situations. When used as a divination tool, you can to ask pertinent questions about something you′re struggling with, ultimately finding clarity. I will highlight some of the best stones to use when you need some assistance in making decisions and finding your life path.

Stones That Will Help With Clarity & Insight

  • Amethyst is a wonderfully spiritual stone and works with your third eye chakra to help you to see what you need to do.
  • Azurite helps you put the pain of the past behind you so that you can find your forward momentum again.
  • Carnelian attracts good fortune. It clears away the cobwebs so that you can use your creativity.
  • Citrine brings out your inner child. Remember how if felt to be free from worry, to just enjoy your life and go where it took you? Citrine encourages you to live in the now.
  • Fluorite enhances your intuition. Sometimes you just need to go with your gut and trust that your higher self is leading the way. Fluorite will also help you to be impartial, and to work through things objectively.
  • Quartz, the clear variety, brings clarity. Lemurian quartz will point you to your destiny, while dragon′s egg quartz will provide you with a snapshot of what you need to do now.
  • Smoky quartz is protective. It will reflect negative energy away from you, so you feel more freedom to make appropriate choices.
  • Sodalite is cleansing. It helps you clear what′s standing in your way, enabling you to see the right choice.
  • Turquoise helps you to give voice to your hopes and aspirations. When you find your words and speak your desires into being, you create a matrix of potential energy, waiting to help you achieve your goals.

Stones Can Help Forecast What to do

It′s very easy to put together a simple divination set to help with decisions and life path choices. The following stones work very well indeed and are neither hard to find nor expensive. They′ve been chosen because of their specific vibration, and the way that they′ll guide you through your current situation.

  • Amethyst will show you that you′re fulfilling your spirit′s requests through the choices you′re making and the path you′re walking at the moment.
  • Carnelian brings you energy. If you′ve been dragging your feet or feeling jaded in some way or avoiding making a decision because you fear it might upset someone, carnelian is telling you to suck it up and face the music.
  • Citrine is a very good stone when determining what to do. It′s reassuring you that you′re on the right path. It′s encouraging you to communicate your plans and ideas with others and suggests that learning and travel may not be out of the question.
  • Green agate is a warning. When this stone appears in your reading, it′s not the time to move forward. You′re too emotionally involved and need to take a step back and reevaluate things before making a final decision.
  • Hematite is very grounding. It′s asking you to blend logic and reason as you move forward with your ideas. You′re unlikely to get caught up in a wild goose chase when this stone appears.
  • Moonstone is a milky white stone that connects you with your higher self and the Ascended Masters. In a forecast, it′s telling you to seek spiritual guidance on the situation and to trust the information you intuitively receive.
  • Rose quartz reminds you to love yourself. You might with making decisions about your own life because you are too much of a people-pleaser, rose quartz reminds you of your personal empowerment and to start doing what′s right for you.
  • Sodalite is cleansing. When it appears in your reading, it′s telling you to get rid of whatever′s standing in your way. It could be physical clutter, emotional baggage, a relationship that is no longer benefiting you, or ideas that you′ve outgrown.
  • Yellow jasper is your final answer. This stone says that the answer isn′t just yes, it′s a big whoopee yes. You′re on the right track, so just keep going.

To use your divination stones, put them in a cloth or leather bag so you can′t see what you′re choosing. Focus on your question, really concentrate on what you want to know, and then draw out a stone. I like to write down the questions and the answers, so I can look back over time at how things unfolded.

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