Weekly Video Forecast Week of August 7th, 2017

Posted on August 05, 2017

Published on Aug 4, 2017

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Hello everyone and welcome to this week′s Astrology Answers Weekly Horoscope.

This week we see the lunar eclipse Full Moon, which is the moon on steroids! This is a time of purging those patterns and habits that no longer serve you, and of bringing matters to culmination. It′s an intensely emotional time, so remember that a best practice during the week before and the week after a lunar eclipse is to not make great changes. With Mercury Retograde later in the week, expect fluctuations and unexpected twists and turns depending on your individual horoscope. Sit back and watch how everything will turn out for now, rather than powering ahead. There are clues coming to us this week that hint at a lot of enticing new energy waiting to be discovered over the next few weeks, leading up to a solar eclipse. Until next time, take care of yourselves!

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