Ask Charla: Numbers, Numbers Everywhere! What Do They All Mean?

Posted on May 15, 2017

Your whole life revolves around numbers—and it′s not just your date of birth, either! While numerology focuses on your life path and other calculations based on your birthday and name at birth, there are important numerical messages in your street address, your zip code, your phone number, and many other places.

Have you ever noticed any of them repeating, and what it might mean?

Many people believe that repetitive numbers - especially in mundane situations, like numbers on a clock or the miles on your odometer—are angels sending messages to you. Others see the language of the universe in math, and perceive those numbers to be resonating with a particular vibration from creation.

However you see them, these numbers all have a meaning. Wouldn′t it be nice to know what they are trying to tell you?

Single digit numerals are easy to interpret, but what about unique combinations, multiples such as 222, or compound numbers such as 1157? If you accept that math is a language, then try to see single digits as single words or simple messages, and more complex combinations as a paragraph, with more detailed information.

It takes a bit of practice, but once you get used to working with the numbers, you′ll soon be able to converse with the spirits that sent them.

So, how do you work with these numbers? One way is to take each single digit in the string and interpret it on its own, then run the messages together, much like doing a tarot card reading when there are several cards in the layout. Another way is to add the numbers up, and reduce them to a single digit.

For example, if you′re seeing 1157, you could treat it as 1 emphasized (Because there are two in the sequence.) plus 5 plus 7; or you could add 1+1+5+7 to get 14, then add 1+4 to get 5, and interpret the sequence as the single numeral 5. Both ways are correct. Use them both, if you like, for a thorough interpretation.

This works for any sequence of numbers that is personal to you, such as your driver′s licence, or phone number, or social security number.

Watch for repetition; if the last 4 numbers of your driver′s licence is 7107 and the last 4 numbers of your phone number is 1077 and your social security number ends in 7710, you can be sure there′s a definite long-term message for you! It′s amazing how interconnected life is when we start to look for synchronicity.

1, and Multiples of 1

One always represents a beginning, or the pinnacle. You have to take the first step, and when you do, you might come in first place. 1, or multiples of 1—especially at the beginning of a sequence—is a strong indication that something new is coming into your life.

This can also be reassurance that the newness is taking place, and you may already be aware of it. It′s a good omen if your house number or work ID number reduces down to a 1, particularly if you′re just moving into the home or starting the job.

2, and Multiples of 2

2 is the number of harmony. If you look at the shape, it almost looks like a figure kneeling in prayer, doesn′t it? This is the number of awareness, and it′s asking you to pay attention. The potential is here, the seeds have been sown, and it′s up to you to take that capability and use it to create the life you want to live.

The more 2s there are, the greater your potential of success.

3, and Multiples of 3

This number blends the qualities of 1 and 2. It′s a number of trinity, of three separate energies merging into one. This number indicates change and fluctuation.

There is great opportunity for wonderful experiences with this number, but you′ll have to pay attention. 3 can also bring superficiality and distraction. To get the best of this number, you′ll have to be disciplined.

4, and Multiples of 4

There′s a strong foundation under you when this number appears! It′s a great ally to have, particularly when it comes to your home or job. You′re on pretty steady ground with a 4, with a good support network around you.

This is the number of practicality, and even though it may mean that things are very businesslike and you may be keeping your emotions well controlled, there′s still a depth of feeling here that may, at times, be intense.

5, and Multiples of 5

This is a very changeable and flexible number. It′s certainly a teacher! If you′re going to be successful—particularly if this appears several times in a sequence—you′ll have to learn to go with the flow, and adapt to the changes as they present themselves.

5s represent growth and evolution, of walking away from what isn′t working and looking for better opportunities. If this appears connected to your address or your job, it doesn′t mean that you′re moving, it means that you have to be fluid in your approach to dealing with situations as they arise.

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