Ask Charla: Get Instant Insight Into Your Personality From the Palm of Your Hand

Posted on June 12, 2017

Did you know the secrets of your whole life are hidden in the lines and bumps of your hands? Palmistry is the ancient practice of decoding that information so that you can live your life to the fullest. You don′t have to be an expert chiromancer to find out things about your personality, though.

All you have to do is look at your hands for answers! Today we had a question that inspired us to look at all the factors when it comes to palm reading, and how the shape of your hand and digits can tell you more about your personality.

Palmistry (also known as chiromancy) is a form of divination where the markings on the palm of the hand (as well as the shape of the hand, length of the fingers, and more) are used to tell a person about their life, and what is likely to happen. Palmistry goes back several thousand years and is practiced by many cultures around the world.

The Shape of the Hand

Square or Rectangular with Long Fingers

  • You′re intellectual and enjoy learning about cultural ideas.
  • You may have some nervous energy.
  • You′re good at dealing with others, even when you don′t want to.
  • You like to stay busy.
  • You′re interested in many things.
  • Sometimes you are superficial and spread yourself too thinly.

Square or Rectangular with Short Fingers

  • You′re strong willed.
  • You know how to stay focused.
  • You′re very practical.
  • You′re very observant.
  • You see what you want and you go for it.
  • You don′t blame others when things go wrong.

Oval with Short Fingers

  • You′re energetic.
  • You instigate ideas and activities.
  • You have leadership capability.
  • You get impatient easily.
  • You′re not afraid to take risks.
  • You sometimes get bossy or too assertive.

Oval with Long Fingers

  • You′re very sensitive.
  • You feel things deeply even if you don′t show your emotions.
  • You′re very compassionate.
  • You′re intuitive.
  • You let your heart guide you, rather than your head.
  • You′re not fond of change.

Cone Shaped

  • You′re very passionate.
  • You′re intuitive.
  • You have a wide range of interests.
  • You′re probably a bit psychic.
  • You have strong morals.
  • You have a good sense of justice.

Overly Large Hand with Short Fingers

  • You′re very hard-working.
  • You′re logical and practical.
  • You tend to be a workaholic.
  • You dislike too many frills and fancies.
  • You′re dependable and reliable.
  • You take pride in a job well done.

A Combination of Shapes

  • You′re adaptable
  • You′re the ‘jack of all trades,′ and can turn your hand to most things.
  • You enjoy multi-tasking.
  • You like to explore different philosophies and ideas.
  • You can converse on most subjects
  • You adjust quickly to changes that come your way.

The shape of the fingers is also very important, we′ll discuss that next.

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