Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Fifth House

Posted on April 10, 2017

The fifth house in astrology deals with your romantic relationships, your hobbies, how you spend your leisure time, your inherent luck, and all aspects of your creativity. Children are indicated here, too, because you create them. Even if your children are adopted, you will still create an influence in their lives and given them a space to become who they are.

This isn′t a place to find your life partner, though—that′s indicated in the seventh house. The romance alluded to here in the fifth is more pointed at the type of people you date, your brief encounters, how you want a lover to treat you, what turns you on, things that make you attracted to someone.

Your creativity is highlighted here, for this house shows how you enjoy spending your time and what activities you have the potential to do well. It′s quite a lucky house, but it goes without saying that you create your own luck, it′s not just written in the stars. It is also a fixed house, and belongs to the element of fire. It′s ruled by the Sun sign Leo, and by the Sun.

The Fith House Deals With Children

Romance, pleasure…it′s little wonder then that this house relates to your children! This house brings out your individuality, and might even make you a bit of a rebel. It shows you where you′ll find your pleasure, and what kind of people and activities you′ll delight in doing.

Of course, children are a big part of love and marriage for many people! Through romance and pleasure, you create a living legacy, where your blood and your spirit flows through your kids. Even if your children are adopted or fostered, you′re still creating a space where they can thrive and grow; you′re still molding their characters and personality.

The Fifth House Sheds Light on Yout Romantic Life

Other people besides your children are indicated in the fifth house. Your romantic pursuits, public figures who infatuate you, anything that turns on your pleasure zone is influenced by the fifth house in your birth chart. Who do you love? It might not necessarily be a real person, but rather the archetype? What do you love doing?

One reason that luck is often associated with the fifth house is because of the thrill people get when they win the jackpot. Let′s face it; people play the lottery for the expectation, the hope that they might win, the adrenaline rush when the numbers are being called. Although, gambling as an addiction is more of a twelfth house issue.

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