Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Fourth House

Posted on April 10, 2017

Anything to do with traditions, family, and home is ruled by the fourth house of your astrology birth chart. Home in this instance means not just building, but the environment within your home, too. The cusp of the fourth house is the second cardinal point of the birth chart, with the Ascendant being the first one.

The name given to this point is the Immum Coeli, or the IC for short. The fourth house relates to your parents. It′s also a very spiritual part of your birth chart and reveals much about your spirituality and the cultures and customs that are important to you. It′s a cardinal house and is ruled by the Sun sign of Cancer and the Moon.

The Fourth House Brings Structure

When most people think of home they think of a building into which they retreat for security, comfort, and replenishment. It′s a place where they can relax and unwind, where they can lock the doors and feel safe in their beds. The nature of this place is reflected in the fourth house of astrology, too. It′s all about stability and security.

It also expands to include the geographical location, even the type of soil and the flowers and other plants that grow there. While this area of your chart does hint at the actual building you call home, it′s really got more to do with your emotional connection to what supported you there.

The Fourth House Shows You Your Real Estate

Of course, your house has to sit on a plot of land, even if you′re only renting an apartment. That land is your real estate; all of the Earth provides you with soil and rocks and minerals. Your relationship with the land and the other lifeforms that dwell there is also echoed in the fourth house.

You have to have some kind of grounding energy, some kind of base, something that you return to in times of stress. Perhaps your favorite place is the coastline, or maybe it′s at the mouth of a cave or on the front porch of your grandfather′s farmhouse. Whatever your relationship with houses and dwellings, you perceive your kinship with the land under your feet.

It′s impossible to live on this Earth without being connected to it in some way, to some particular place. The fourth house—with the sign on the cusp and any natal planets that are there—brings you a lot of insight about that connection and your particular real estate on this Earth.

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