Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Ninth House

Posted on April 11, 2017

The ninth house of your astrology birth chart is referred to as the ‘house of philosophy,′ and it′s directly opposite the third house, which deals with short travel, your neighborhood, and your early schooling. The ninth house pertains to travel to faraway places, your more distant environment, and your later education. It indicates how you′re likely to grow.

This area of your chart also reveals a lot about your philosophies on life and your attitudes towards different cultures. Like the third house, it′s a house of communication. It is the house of writers and poets and publishers. It′s where you explore your surroundings and push out your boundaries a bit.

The ninth house is ruled by Jupiter, and the Sun sign Sagittarius. Jupiter is known as ‘the great benefic,′ and there′s usually a pretty good vibe in the ninth house because of that. Its energy is forward moving and forward thinking. It′s here where you explore the boundaries of your inner horizons. It′s a mutable house and belongs to the element of water.

The Ninth House Deals With Communication

There′s more to communication than the spoken word. The ninth house rules all forms of writing, including literature, journalism, and publishing. We learn about the rest of the world by how we communicate with it, and how it communicates with us. The education that we get from those exchanges has the potential to be more influential than any formal learning.

Believe it or not, this house also refers to mysticism and divination. If you think about it, that′s all a form of communication, too. Even your dreams are represented here, for that′s your unconscious mind communicating with you while you′re asleep.

The Ninth House Reveals More About Education

While the third house referred to your siblings, neighborhood, and immediate environment, the ninth house shows you your potential to grow. You know that there′s more to life than what you′ve experienced so far, and you want to taste it. The house on the cusp and the planets in the ninth house will provide great clues as to your desire to explore life and your mindset towards your intellectual process.

This is the area of your chart where you learn how to assimilate information that resonates with you, and let go of ideas and values that you′ve outgrown. Whether you′re embracing something new or releasing something that′s old; either situation presents you with a new set of challenges and answers. The ninth house has a lot to say about how this unfolds.

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