Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Second House

Posted on April 09, 2017

The second house in astrology is the house that reveals your income, your assets, your talents, and your attitudes toward them. You′ll discover a lot about your self-esteem and your sense of worth with close examination of your second house. It shows you where your ethics and values lie regarding money—needing it, earning it, and having it.

The second house is one of three houses that give you information about your career, the other two being the sixth and the tenth. Traditionally, the ruling sign of this house is Taurus, and the ruling planet of this house is Venus. It′s a fixed house, and it belongs to the earth element.

The Second House Points to Your Assets

Many astrologers refer to the second house as the ‘house of possessions.′ Possessions don′t necessarily have to mean things that you own. They also refer to innate skills and talents that you possess, too.

We refer to people as possessing character and charm; all of that is reflected in the second house. It might be more appropriate to refer to it as the ‘house of assets,′ rather than the ‘house of possessions.′ Through mastering your mindset to money and the things that it can provide, as well as acknowledging your strengths and talents and putting them to work for you.

The process how you will come into your own and how you will find yourself is found in the second house. The sign on the cusp of this house, and any planets in it, will reveal a lot about your attitudes to your assets and your possessions—and your liabilities.

The Second House Possessions

Actual physical possessions and tangible things are also revealed by the second house. This depends on the sign and planets that are ruling it in your personal natal chart. What you′re capable of earning and losing is reflected here, where you invest, your potential income is also implied.

You can find out if you will buy cars, houses, or if you invest in the stock market or in collectables. The second house can also shed some light on the way you budget your income and how you perceive your own level of wealth, too.

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