Decode Your Astrology Birth Chart: The Tenth House

Posted on April 12, 2017

The tenth house of your astrology birth chart is the ‘house of social status.′ That also includes your career. It′s also one of the work related houses, the sixth and the second being the other two. These three houses work together in your chart to bring you success or challenges. Their geometrical angles form a positive astrology aspect known as a trine.

Your vocation, your place in your community, how society sees you, and people in authority are all represented in the tenth house. This also one of the houses that suggest your parental influence, the other being fourth. Even consumerism—how you value the money you earn—is hinted at here. Anything to do with status and your social standing is rooted in this area of your chart.

This house makes a perpendicular angle to the Ascendant and the cusp of the seventh house, and that′s sometimes a challenging aspect. The tenth house cusp is a very important point in your natal chart. The traditional ruler of this house is Saturn, and the Sun sign Capricorn. It′s a mutable house, and it belongs to the element of earth.

The Tenth Hosue reveals More About Your Career

This house is important when it comes to you finding your ‘dream job.′ You examined your innate skills and talents in the second house, and you evaluated your attitudes towards your work environment in the sixth house. The tenth house is where it all comes together.

The fourth house rules your private life, family values, and traditions. In the tenth, all of this comes into the public eye. This is where your drive, your ambition, and what you′re willing to do to become successful will be revealed.

The Tenth House Shows Your Social Standing

Your social standing has a lot to do with your career. It′s not dependent on it, but it stands to reason that the more successful you are professionally, the more your accomplishments will color your position in society. The money you earn buys you a bigger house in a nicer neighborhood, for example, or allows you to be philanthropic with your assets.

Keep in mind, if you′re misusing your resources, being arrogant or greedy with them, that′s going to affect your social standing, too. You′re not automatically going to be loved just because you′re wealthy; nor are you automatically going to be shunned because you′re not. Character is everything. Many of your accomplishments happen because of others who helped you, and that shouldn′t be overlooked.

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