How to Get in Shape Using Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on February 20, 2017

Did you make a plan to make this a healthier year? Did you promise yourself on New Year′s that you would go to the gym or start eating a healthier diet, only to let old habits get in the way? By now you′ve had plenty of time to let your resolutions fall by the wayside.

Life sure seems to get in the way, of your fitness goals, doesn′t it? Don′t blame it all on a total lack of willpower just yet! If you take an astrological approach to fitness and consider your zodiac sign in your workout routines, you might stand a better chance of success!

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As a fire sign, you′re usually pretty energetic in whatever you do. You head into things full of enthusiasm and determined to master them. The key to finding an activity you love and sticking with it is to focus your energy on an important goal.

If your fitness routine is not challenging enough, you′ll lose your interest. If it′s too challenging, you′ll feel defeated when you don′t improve quickly enough. You′re better off exercising by yourself than as part of a team sport or group activity.


As an earth sign, you love your sensual pleasures, and good food is certainly one of them! Cutting back is going to be hard for you, so rather than making a resolution to eliminate calorie laden foods from your diet, promise that you′ll look for healthier options.

Also, you′ve got a bit of a lazy streak, so motivate yourself to move. You might benefit from wearable technology that can help remind you to keep active. You don′t need to be a marathon runner, just park a bit farther away from work or the cafe.


Being active isn′t usually a problem for you, for you rarely stay in one place for long. That′s why, when you make a resolution to get fit, you′ll probably fall off the wagon due to boredom. Look for activities that are many and varied, and mix up your routine a bit.

As an air sign, new sights, new activities, new foods, even new people will make you stick to your fitness goals throughout the year. Make sure you choose an activity where you can be social and meet other people as well as work up a sweat.


You′re so sensitive and shy that you may not even feel like you want to exercise or change anything about your routine, yet perhaps it′s necessary. As a water sign, don′t rule out swimming, water aerobics, and any kind of water sport.

You enjoy caring for others, and that often means feeding them, but don′t overdo it! When you eat, choose healthy options and make balanced meals. Also, try to refrain from turning to food as a comfort when the eventual emotional upheavals of life happen.


You love being the center of attention, and anything that gets you competing with others will bring out the best in you. You′ll be successful when you′re doing things where you can be motivated by the prospect of rewards and accolades for meeting your goals.

Exercise for your physical appearance, sure, but also do it for your health too! You are a fire sign and don′t like to be cold, and while you′re interested in a variety of activities, look for the ones that get you sweating. Your metabolism will love you for it.


You′re probably already pretty picky when it comes to your health! You might experiment with alternative treatments, maybe you′re vegetarian. Being very keen and focused on one particular aspect of your fitness is your typical approach to staying in tip-top shape.

The best way for you to stay on track is to meticulously catalog everything you eat, every step you take, every thought you have while exercising. You′re known for being critical, though, so don′t be your own worst enemy. Fitness isn′t that bad of an obsession, provided you aren′t judgmental of others who don′t do things your way.


You′re not very energetic by nature, so something that is gentle and harmonious will suit you. Look at things like yoga, tai chi, or qi gong. You′ll probably need to watch your waistline; like Taurus, you do like the sensual pleasures in life, and you′re prone to indulge, thanks to your ruling planet, Venus.

There are beautiful and harmonious ways to exercise that you can explore. Food can be just as much of a pleasure even when it′s healthy—especially if you′re enjoying it with your loved ones. If you cut out too many pleasures, you′ll not stick with the program.


As a fixed sign, you more than anyone else will probably either be incredibly successful or refuse even to start! You dig in your heels once you′ve made up your mind to do something, even if it′s to decide that self-control isn′t for you! The key to your perseverance is to find something that intrigues you.

Why does it work? What will it do for you? Look at obstacle courses, or other problem-solving activities, something such as geocaching will get you active and your mind working, too. Once you′ve found your niche, chances are, you′ll stick with it out of sheer obstinance.


You′re naturally social and you love to travel, so why not combine that in your fitness regime? Walking around new places and exploring them is a good option, as long as you′re not too enthusiastic about the local cuisine and overindulge in food. Remember, Jupiter is your ruling planet, and it′s the planet of expansion!

Whatever you do, look for something that burns the most calories in the least amount of time. You don′t want to feel your workouts are taking over your life, yo want to move onto the next activity as quickly as possible. You hate to be bored and anything too mundane or repetitive will drive you nuts.


You′re going to fail if you try to too ‘cutting edge′ or get on the bandwagon of a new fitness craze. For you, slow and steady, tried and true methods, are the key. Eat traditional foods, rather than newfangled diet plans. Look for conventional exercises and workout routines.

You will find some comfort in the rhythm and routine of your workouts. Your ruling planet, Saturn, is a great disciplinarian. it should be easy to find that self-discipline and work with it. Your hard work will be rewarded with steady progress on your fitness goals.


You spend a lot of time thinking, and you need activities that will enable you to do that, as well as getting you physically mobile. As much as you love technology and gadgets, you could do well with one of the new fitness trackers that link up with your phone and computer.

Any exercise equipment that′s technologically advanced might intrigue you, too. You have to determine what you′re going to do, and then find it within yourself to stick to it. If you can join forces with a charity or fitness organization, that will bring you both something to do and reason—besides your own fitness—for doing it.


As the ‘water baby′ of the zodiac, you′re naturally going to be drawn to your element, water! Your sensitivity could make you feel disheartened and like you′re not good enough when you′re embarking on your new fitness regime and encounter the obstacles that entails.

Look for things that are fun and go with a buddy. You′re one of the 3 signs which are symbolized in the plural by 2 fish. You′re best if you have someone to encourage you, but don′t depend on them. It is your journey, and you have to do it for yourself.

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You can improve your chances of success and stick to your fitness routine if you use the insight that your zodiac sign can give. Find an activity that you love to do and you will naturally have the perseverance to keep going for the long haul and make fitness a part of your life.

You will get results if you take it one day at a time, combine your workouts with a healthy diet, don′t beat yourself up for moments of weakness, and get back on track right away after a slip-up! Track your progress and let us know if your zodiac sign helped you improve your fitness.

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