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Posted on May 09, 2017

Did you think your birthstone was your only lucky stone? Think again! For the most part, birthstones are marketed by jewellers to sell those particular gems! There are many stories about the origins of birthstones, with the oldest dating back to Moses in the Bible.

Later on, those 12 stones were associated with the 12 astrological sun signs. There is more than one stone for each sign though, depending on different traditions and cultures. Here are your lucky stones and crystals for your element/zodiac.


  • Your motto is “I Am.”
  • Aries is a fire element.
  • Aries is a cardinal quality.
  • Aries traditionally rules the first house of the zodiac.
  • Aries positive traits are passion, purpose, and confidence.
  • Aries challenging traits are self-centredness, impatience, and a quick-temper.

My favorite alternative birthstone for Aries is the beautiful fire opal. This translucent stone has an opalescent glow that contains flashes of flame colors. It harnesses the qualities of the fire element and gives them an emotional connection, awakening your passion for life.

This stone can also help in developing your sense of self-expression and creativity. Fire opal helps you become more optimistic in your life and promotes confidence when you′re socializing.


  • Your motto is “I Have.”
  • Taurus is an earth element.
  • Taurus is a fixed quality.
  • Taurus traditionally rules the second house of the zodiac.
  • Taurus positive traits are sensuality, compassion, and reliability.
  • Taurus challenging traits are over-sensitivity, stubbornness and laziness.

A fabulous alternative birthstone for Taurus is chrysocolla. It′s called the ‘stone of communication,′ and its beautiful, near-turquoise color blends the energies of the heart chakra and the throat chakra, so you learn to speak from the heart. It helps you overcome your anxieties, and is a powerful ally when you feel low or despondent.

Using chrysocolla will help you determine when to speak and when to listen, and will assist you with finding truth, both in your own words and in those of others.


  • Your motto is “I Think.”
  • Gemini is an air element.
  • Gemini is a mutable quality.
  • Gemini traditionally rules the third house of the zodiac.
  • Gemini positive traits are communication, flexibility, amiability.
  • Gemini challenging traits are restlessness, superficiality and unreliability.

One of the best alternative birthstones for Gemini is the wonderful moss agate. It reflects the colors of the air element with its dappled milky inclusions. This isn′t a high energy stone, and many Geminis would benefit from this quality to ground their nervous energy or restless mind. This stone helps to bring peace of mind, and to calm frazzled emotions.

Moss agate is a heart chakra stone, and it helps Geminis—and others, for that matter—to learn to love themselves. It also encourages Geminis to not be too controlling in a relationship, or to allow someone to have too much control over them.


  • Your motto is “I Feel.”
  • Cancer is a water element.
  • Cancer is a cardinal quality.
  • Cancer traditionally rules the fourth house of the zodiac.
  • Cancer positive traits are understanding, nurturing, and loyalty.
  • Cancer challenging traits are indecision, moodiness, and melancholy.

I adore carnelian as an alternative birthstone for Cancer. It may seem like a contradiction, with Cancer being a water sign and carnelian being a fire element stone, but sometimes Cancers need that extra push so that they can find their courage and motivation.

Cancers are so sensitive and empathic that they frequently lose themselves in their water qualities, making them moody and melancholic. A good dose of root chakra energy to get them motivated again is often all it takes to light a spark under them and bring them back to life.


  • Your motto is “I Will.”
  • Leo is a fire element.
  • Leo is a fixed quality.
  • Leo traditionally rules the fifth house of the zodiac.
  • Leo positive traits are gregariousness, warm-heartedness, and optimism.
  • Leo challenging traits are conceit, narcissism, and jealousy.

For an alternative birthstone for Leo, you can′t go wrong with garnet. Even though it is frequently associated with the month of January, garnet is a fire element stone, and echoes Leo′s warm and gregarious nature. Leos have a lot of vitality and natural energy, and garnet harnesses those traits, directing them down more positive avenues.

Leos often set themselves up to fail by expecting everyone to be as warm and sincere as they are, and garnet helps when it comes to accepting that not everyone lives up to Leo′s high standards.


  • Your motto is “I Analyze.”
  • Virgo is an earth element.
  • Virgo is a mutable quality.
  • Virgo traditionally rules the sixth house of the zodiac.
  • Virgo positive traits are sincerity, patience, and practicality.
  • Virgo challenging traits are criticism, aloofness, and perfectionism.

Amethyst is often attributed to other months, but this gentle purple stone is my favorite alternative birthstone for Virgo. It′s not an accident that the Pope′s ring has an amethyst stone! This is a very spiritual and soothing stone, and most Virgos need that—they′re known for being high strung!

Ruled by Mercury, Virgos usually have a lot of mental activity going on in their heads, and amethyst helps to calm that down, so they can actually hear what their spirit is trying to tell them. Amethyst is a crown chakra stone, and promotes connection with spirit guides and ascended masters.

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