An Introduction to Rune Stones

Posted on April 23, 2017

Have you ever just wished you could know the answer to the most pressing issues in your life? Well, you can, and all you need is a set of rune stones. Runes are a very ancient tool with Germanic writing and they are used for divination.

Their history is shrouded in mystery, making them even more magical and cryptic. What we know for sure, though, is that they date back well before the iron age began. Even the word rune means ‘secret′ in the Nordic language. A rune stone set is very powerful and enigmatic indeed!

Rune Stone Meanings & Materials

Every marking on the stones in a rune stone set resonates with a phonetic sound. The messages they provide are associated with a concept, person, animal, god, or event. Many rune sets are hand-carved from simple rocks, precious stones, or even created from bone.

Some sets are even made from amethyst, which is a very spiritual form of quartz, that′s believed will protect against evil thoughts and increase psychic powers. Amethyst helps with meditation, purifies the aura, and stimulates the chakras found at your brow and the top of your head. In fact, amethyst is one of the stones used to stimulate and balance the brow or third-eye chakra.

You don′t need any fancy tools or ancient knowledge to get messages from your runes—just pull one out and begin interpreting. Rune sets usually come with a companion report to help you understand the symbols′ meanings and help you delve even deeper into studying the runes and become a runemaster in no time.

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