This is Why You’re Stressed Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on June 14, 2017

Everyone copes with stress differently. Some people meet it head on, rising up to the challenge as if they have something to prove. Other people fall apart. You might be the sort who sits down and analyzes it—or maybe you laugh in its face! Did you know that your astrology chart might be influencing your response to stress?

There are three ways of looking at why you′re stressed based on your element or your zodiac sign. One is to examine the traits of your Sun sign, because this is who you are at your core. Another is to look at your rising sign, because this is how you present yourself to people.

You also have to look at your emotional responses, and those are found when you figure out your Moon sign. Of course, aspects made by other planets to these points in your birth chart will also impact how you handle stress, obstacles, and petty annoyances that happen in everyday life.

Fire Signs — Don′t Overcommit & Burn Out

The fire element signs are Aries, Leo, and Sagittarius. On the whole, you′re the ones who are going to meet things head on and not let them get the better of you. You don′t like to be told what to do. You hate to feel you′re not in control of things, so you′ll do whatever possible to get back on top of them.

Your impatience may get the best of you at times, though. I can be easy for you to alienate those who could help because you try to be so fiercely independent. Work hard to bring things back into alignment, but don′t cut off your nose to spite your face. Reach out when you need help to overcome stress.


You stress yourself by trying to cram too much into too short a time period. As a cardinal quality, you′re a natural leader, but you′re also human, so don′t overstretch yourself. You invite anxiety when you have over-committed yourself and have to let someone down.

You have to look after yourself if you′re going to successfully manage others! You′re no good to anyone if you′ve burned up all your fiery energy. Even though exercise is invigorating and stimulating, for you, it′s often a way of relaxing, as it utilizes a different type of energy.

You may even balance out some of your fire by choosing a water sport, such as swimming or kayaking to help you unwind. Even relaxing around a campfire or scheduling a day just to pamper yourself works. Don′t overlook your own needs, practice self-care. You′re worth it!


You′re such a control freak and that wears you down quicker than anything. You′re the fixed quality fire sign. You want to govern every aspect of your life, right down to what the other people in it are doing! This brings unnecessary stress into your life because no one can take away another′s free will or predict what they′re going to do.

If you′re going to learn to be happy, you have to learn to stay in your lane and only focus on controlling what is within your power to do so. When you relax, you have to really relax—and that′s hard for you. It′s your nature to assume the role of leader, and organize the campout or plan the party.

Your best plan is going to be doing something that you love, and doing it by yourself, even though you′re very social by nature! The less people there are to herd and organize, the less stressful the activity will be for you and the more relaxation you will get out of it.


You love to socialize, and you invite unnecessary stress into your life by jumping from situation to situation without really taking responsibility for anything. Yes, you need your sense of freedom and get stressed when things start to get too involved or complex. Although you′ll feel anxious and frustrated if nothing in your life has meaning or purpose.

You′re the mutable quality fire sign, and you′ll only feel at ease with your life when there′s a balance between the two. Your recipe for relaxation is to go explore something. This might be anything from a new location, to a new group of friends, to a new philosophy. You have to stay active and you need time outside in order to remain on top of your game.

Above all, take your responsibilities seriously, but don′t accept too many of them. You′re going to feel the most stressed when you′ve got too many work or family obligations. Make sure that you always consult your schedule before you commit to something and make sure you can do it before you say “yes”.

Earth Signs — Stay Grounded & Composed During Stress

The earth element signs are Taurus, Virgo, and Capricorn. You′re down to earth and practical by nature, and usually meet a challenge by working through it step by step, issue by issue. It takes a lot to ruffle your feathers, but you do lose your cool when things get too complicated.

You don′t like a lot of fuss and you will usually avoid confrontation whenever you can. However, you don′t like the idea of failing, and when the pressure′s on, so are your stress levels. If you are responsible for something you want it done efficiently, and you want it done right.


You′re the fixed sign of the earth elements and you take that to the extreme by being stubborn, even when it would be best for you to lighten up a bit! This only complicates issues and leads to further exasperation. Why are you making things so hard on yourself?

Your life will be a lot easier if you relax a bit more. No one knows how to relax quite like a Taurus—unless it′s a Libra because you′re both ruled by Venus. You enjoy sensual pleasures, such as good food, fine wine, great music, and of course, intimacy with a loved one.

You can be very stubborn in your beliefs and routine. Make more time for and less time for holding grudges if someone has wronged you. At the end of each day, you′ll be very glad you did and chose the high road of forgiveness. Life is too short for bad energy.


Oh, Virgo, you′re such a worry-wart! As the mutable sign, you really should learn to go with the flow more than you do! You′re so critical. While your keen eye may be useful in your chosen profession, you don′t need to strive for perfection in every aspect of your life!

Everyone says the wrong thing, or forgets something, or makes a mistake at some point in their lives. You′re only human, so stop trying to be anything else! Being ruled by intellectual Mercury, your downtime needs to be cerebral. Get into a good book, write or blog, or harness some of your natural creativity.

Maybe try doing something messy, something that is completely alien to your nit-picky ways. When you can throw yourself into something like painting or gardening. Doing something that doesn;t require perfections will make it easier for you to leave your anxieties and frustrations behind.


As the cardinal quality earth sign, you′ve got to learn how to lighten up and not take things quite so seriously. You have a great sense of humor but you don′t let it show often enough. Instead, you put unrealistic demands on yourself, and then get stressed out and beat yourself up when you don′t meet them.

Try to manage your expectations and make them more realistic. You will greatly lower your stress level if you do. Even when you′re relaxing, you′re still on the serious side. You throw yourself into your work, and you even throw yourself into your relaxation time as if it were some project you had to complete or some challenge you have to overcome.

Take time out just for you. Your friends and family are important, but you still need that time alone doing what you want, without feeling obligated to someone else. You are so responsible all the time that you need to have a space where you can be yourself away from the demands of the world.

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