Your Biggest Pet Peeve Based on Your Zodiac Sign

Posted on July 26, 2017

We all have little things that can make us mental. Whether you qualify them as character flaws, differences of opinion or annoyances, we′re both capable of inflicting them on others and of being gobsmacked when those around us display them.

Today we′re talking about the pet peeves of each sign – those tiny habits we see in others every day that can make us twitch in irritation. Every sign differs in their specific grievances, but at the end of the day, we are all the same in that some things simply get under our skin!

Aries is the fast-moving, enthusiastic friend you′ll invite out for a guaranteed good time. Aries makes quick decisions and thrives on their ability to accept a challenge - they′ll waste no time getting started. Impatience is something rams are notorious for, and nothing drives them crazier than people who can′t make up their minds!

Positive Aries also can′t take anyone who is a social bummer – if you didn′t come with a cheerful disposition and a commitment t having fun, make a detour to that knitting party you had in your calendar instead.

Taurus is that friend who always seems to have it together – trustworthy and dependable, once they′ve accepted you into their lives, they′re extremely loyal and will never let you down. Self-sufficient bulls can handle their own problems and are in control of their outward emotions.

While capable of boiling over if you push them too far, you′ll rarely see Taurus lose their cool – they′ll make sure of it! To annoy them, open your collection of emotional baggage in their presence - you might even get a lip curl of distaste!

Social Gemini needs constant stimulation, their brains are like a mail sorter; taking in piles of information, sifting through the bulk and synthesizing the most important parts to pass on to others. They can pontificate for hours on random trivia and delight in being the one to share stories, opinions, and facts with their bemused social circle.

To bring a Gemini to eye roll stage, interrupt them mid-story to criticize their message or – worst of all – start telling a boring, long-winded tale of the pair of pants you just bought or how many stoplights you hit on the way to the party.

Sensitive Cancer is ruled by their emotions – talk about wearing your heart on your sleeve - you can tell the mood they′re in from a mile away. They will adamantly defend a loved one who has been wronged and will react to an unkind comment as though they have been stabbed.

They need emotional expression and are genuinely hurt if you ignore their point, laugh them off or are generally insensitive. If you want to see their crabby side, wait until they make a passionate point about something they care deeply about, then make a snide comment along the lines of, “Who cares?” or tell them they think too much.

Extroverted Leo just loves the limelight – being the center of attention validates their expectations of being admired. Remember that Leo is ruled by the golden sun and represented as the lion – a regal creature deserves the royal treatment, after all! They do not appreciate hearing how others have outshone them.

If you really want to get under their skin, try one upping them by talking about your recent promotion, or worse, nail an Adele solo at karaoke right after they made Ariana Grande sound like four cats fighting in a back alley.

Virgo displays attention to detail like no other – fastidious in appearance, the sign of the virgin likes to maintain self-control and to present a tasteful image. Quiet, modest and reserved, Virgo tends to speak only when they have something thoughtful or important to convey and seeks to selflessly encourage those around them.

If you want to see Virgo grimace in distaste, head to the same party and brag about yourself, making sure to circle around a point without landing the plane. Bonus points for having mismatched clothes, a stain on your pants and not tucking in your shirt.

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